Belmont CSW 2018Sun 8/04/2018 6:11 PM
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NB "mp" means a variety of things - from one wrong or missing control to did not finish or doing a different course from the one we told the computer.
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Red Long (22/22)Status of: 6:11 PM
1Joseph Lynch48:43
2Conor ShortWOC Wellington50:38
3Bill EdwardsOHV Orienteering Hutt Valley55:43
4Steve mckinstrt WOC Wellington57:18
5Magnus BengtssonWOC Wellington58:21
6Caspar HarmerWOC Wellington1:01:06
7Stefan PrzychodzkoOHV Orienteering Hutt Valley1:02:29
8Marina ComeskeyWOC Wellington1:08:16
9Gillian InghamWOC Wellington1:09:19
10Katie HillWOC Wellington1:09:38
113Glen WarnerWOC Wellington1:11:10
12Andrew RiddleOHV Orienteering Hutt Valley1:11:17
13Jake HansonWOC Wellington1:11:48
14Stuart EnglebackWOC Wellington1:14:54
15Sam MiddletonWOC Wellington1:16:05
16Rob CollierWOC Wellington1:16:15
17Bill TrompetterOHV Orienteering Hutt Valley1:16:34
18Nic GormanOTH Other1:16:59
19Yvette BakerWOC Wellington1:17:52
20Mark MaloneOHV Orienteering Hutt Valley1:23:39
21Rachel DrewOHV Orienteering Hutt Valley1:29:54
22Dave ThorburnOTH Other2:00:50
Red Short (12/12)Status of: 6:11 PM
1Liam Drew32:13
2Nicole Ranger38:46
3Lisa BengtssonWOC Wellington39:38
4Bruce WorsleyOHV Orienteering Hutt Valley46:52
5Greg GrantWOC Wellington50:40
6Gavin ScottOHV Orienteering Hutt Valley51:23
7Ellie MolloyWOC Wellington56:00
8Beverly HolderWOC Wellington59:06
9Anna EnglebackWOC Wellington1:04:32
10Ali PowerWOC Wellington1:08:39
Lara MolloyWOC Wellingtonot
Penny KaneWOC Wellingtondnf
Orange (18/18)Status of: 6:11 PM
1Steven McKinstryWOC Wellington29:59
2Hamish Trolove35:58
3Will ValeWOC Wellington36:57
4Greg MaddiganOHV Orienteering Hutt Valley37:15
5James AdamsOTH Other43:05
6Tony BoothWOC Wellington43:52
7Megan DavidsonHB Hawkes Bay46:48
8Matthew CrawfordWOC Wellington47:11
9Ruth BerryOTH Other49:00
10Andrew BraddickOTH Other49:06
11Eleanor HowickWOC Wellington53:37
12Dylan McKnightWOC Wellington55:05
13Karen GrantWOC Wellington56:00
14Ants HarmerOHV Orienteering Hutt Valley57:51
15Rachel MiddletonOTH Other1:06:11
16Lynette PorterOHV Orienteering Hutt Valley1:11:28
17Thomas WakemanOTH Other1:17:09
Robert PearceOTH Othermp
Yellow (14/14)Status of: 6:11 PM
1James AdamsOTH Other20:03
2Adam BakerWOC Wellington23:08
3Philip ClarkeWOC Wellington31:13
4Gail IvesWOC Wellington32:18
5Elena SmoutWOC Wellington34:51
6Sharon AskinOTH Other35:22
7Christine ShukerWOC Wellington36:53
8Kate RiddickWOC Wellington37:38
9Zach DeveryOTH Other38:22
10Natalie MoreOTH Other39:17
11Annemaree DeedOHV Orienteering Hutt Valley42:07
12Alexmore OTH Other53:11
13Liam DrewOHV Orienteering Hutt Valley1:11:20
14Michelle MaloneOTH Other2:11:12
White (6/6)Status of: 6:11 PM
1Zach DeveryOTH Other29:22
2Radhika DhanjiOTH Other30:34
3Erin O'ShannessyCHIL Chilton St James42:41
4Nan JiangSAMU Samuel Marsden1:23:05
5Kitty ChenSAMU Samuel Marsden1:23:12
Mattias BengtssonWOC Wellingtonmp
Snr Boys Championship (5/5)Status of: 6:11 PM
1Kieran EdwardsOHV Orienteering Hutt Valley1:03:01
2Liam KendrewNEWL Newlands College1:05:43
3Oliver EdwardsOHV Orienteering Hutt Valley1:15:32
4Edward TwomeyWLCO Wellington College1:20:13
5Josh CorryWLCO Wellington College1:28:20
Snr Girls Championsgip (5/5)Status of: 6:11 PM
1Brooke CarpenterWEGC Wellington East Girls52:07
2Amber RiddleCHIL Chilton St James56:13
3Sarah PrzychodzkoPARA Paraparaumu College1:04:01
4Tara KendonWLGC Wellington Girls College1:09:08
5Fiona MiddletonWOC Wellington1:13:26
Snr Girls Standard (7/7)Status of: 6:11 PM
1Caitlin DouglassWLGC Wellington Girls College41:32
2Nyah ParbhuWLGC Wellington Girls College44:21
3Emily OldhamPARA Paraparaumu College51:32
4Hannah KennedySAMU Samuel Marsden53:06
4Tegan MartinSAMU Samuel Marsden53:06
6Kate TwomeyWLGC Wellington Girls College1:00:29
7Vicki HuangCHIL Chilton St James1:13:15
Int Boys Championship (14/15)Status of: 6:11 PM
1Felix WilliamsonWLCO Wellington College23:27
2Tommy ThomsonONSL Onslow College33:45
3Anthony KendrewSCOT Scotts College36:50
4Luke CarpenterWLCO Wellington College38:46
5Max MawbyNEWL Newlands College40:34
6Jack BraddickONSL Onslow College42:18
7Andrew BoothWLCO Wellington College44:28
8Reed SmoutWLCO Wellington College44:38
91Jack GarrWOC Wellington47:48
10Matthew SteensonWOC Wellington50:22
11Ethan LooiWLCO Wellington College53:54
12Joshua HenshawONSL Onslow College54:54
13William SmithWOC Wellington59:10
14Alan TeesdaleWOC Wellington1:06:18
Int Boys Standard (3/3)Status of: 6:11 PM
1John ReeveONSL Onslow College26:55
2Liam NaughtonWLCO Wellington College29:42
3James McKenzieONSL Onslow College32:14
Int Girls Championship (5/5)Status of: 6:11 PM
1Lauren KendonWLGC Wellington Girls College36:07
2Nicole MaddiganCHIL Chilton St James37:45
3Catherine ConnollyOHV Orienteering Hutt Valley49:49
4Rachel BakerWOC Wellington51:09
5Sarah ClarkeONSL Onslow College1:03:12
Int Girls Standard (7/7)Status of: 6:11 PM
1Olivia PughWLGC Wellington Girls College21:15
2Jessica PrzychodzkoPARA Paraparaumu College23:05
3Nina SimmonsOHV Orienteering Hutt Valley24:44
4Emma DouglassWLGC Wellington Girls College26:46
5Emily HorncastleWLGC Wellington Girls College34:37
6Nina PughWLGC Wellington Girls College34:44
7Sophie WeiCHIL Chilton St James36:57
Jun Boys Championship (10/10)Status of: 6:11 PM
1Alex ThompsonONSL Onslow College21:18
2Ryan GordonONSL Onslow College22:29
3James SmoutWLCO Wellington College24:04
4Angus FlynnOHV Orienteering Hutt Valley26:36
5Jack FeehanWOC Wellington29:42
6Sean OngNEWL Newlands College31:39
7Ryan ToppONSL Onslow College31:41
8Benjamin SmedingeNEWL Newlands College32:15
9Ben MitchellOTH Other32:34
Torridon StallworthyONSL Onslow Collegemp
Jnr Boys Standard (1/1)Status of: 6:11 PM
George LoweOTH Otherdnf
Jnr Girls Championship (7/7)Status of: 6:11 PM
1Sophie WatersOTH Other23:55
2Hannah StarkNEWI Newlands Intermediate26:45
3Lily TrompetterOHV Orienteering Hutt Valley26:52
4Ellaraine Hiraka-sullivanNEWL Newlands College36:34
5Jessica DeedCHIL Chilton St James41:53
6Amy BoothWLGC Wellington Girls College42:31
7May HarmerOTH Other54:32
Jnr Girls Standard (3/3)Status of: 6:11 PM
1Gemma PughWLGC Wellington Girls College21:10
2Sifan HuangCHIL Chilton St James29:04
3Becky NganSAMU Samuel Marsden36:09
Y7/8 Boys Championship (2/2)Status of: 6:11 PM
1Tymek TumilowiczNTHL Northland28:19
2Stephen ClarkeNTHL Northland31:32
Y7/8 Girls Championship (5/5)Status of: 6:11 PM
1Rebecca ConnollyOHV Orienteering Hutt Valley22:01
2Georgina SmithCHIL Chilton St James29:46
3Larissa EdwardsOHV Orienteering Hutt Valley30:36
4Laura ValeWOC Wellington50:05
5Kaylyn WangCHIL Chilton St James1:07:33
Primary Boys Championship (1/1)Status of: 6:11 PM
1Miro Haefliger33:12
Red Medium (17/17)Status of: 6:11 PM
1Nick EnglebackWOC Wellington53:04
2Tessa RamsdenRK Red Kiwis56:37
3Michael WoodOHV Orienteering Hutt Valley58:45
4Harriette CarrOHV Orienteering Hutt Valley1:01:57
5Simon ReaOHV Orienteering Hutt Valley1:02:10
6Ian TwomeyWOC Wellington1:02:41
7Cameron GrantONSL Onslow College1:03:21
8Jonathan RavensOTH Other1:03:34
9Gerald CrawfordWOC Wellington1:04:34
10Ocean MercierWOC Wellington1:05:24
11David DarbyOHV Orienteering Hutt Valley1:07:55
12Alexandra RiddleOHV Orienteering Hutt Valley1:08:52
13Blake&Sanjeev OTH Other1:09:53
14Ann KendonWOC Wellington1:12:28
15Neil KaneOTH Other1:15:46
16Sefton WilliamsonOTH Other1:19:15
17Alastair CampbellOTH Other1:40:27