Committee Checklist

This is a place to list the regular stuff that OHV has to do each year, so we can proact rather than react. It starts with October because the financial year ends 30 Sep and the AGM should be not too long after.


Expect following year's calendar to be "firm"
Approach HCC, UHCC, GW to get on their summer activity calendars
Committee members discuss continued availability (prior to AGM)
Consider recommendation for subs (prior to AGM)
Consider junior awards (prior to AGM)
Advertise AGM
Consider VIP awards


Hold AGM
New committee: review roles and responsibilities
If new secretary - advise all relevant bodies who have us on their lists
If new programme coordinator - advise GW that authorised to sign contracts
Review cheque a/c signatories and take bank action
Website update - new committee details, new sub form
Event levies due to NZOF 20th
Feb-Mar event info needs to be sorted before the silly season


Post sub form to members
Review standard event entry fees
Review this checklist


Good month to consider publicity - PO's ideas, what rest of us can do to help, what is a waste of time, brochures, targeting groups close to venues, signage
Good month to consider equipment?
Reminder to those who have not rejoined yet


Event levies due to NZOF 20th
Invite members to put hands up for events (twice a year)
Expect WOA to be sorting out who will do next years WOA Champs (nat programme meeting should be held at Easter)
Final reminder that non-renewing members will be removed at 31 Mar


Those who have not rejoined are removed from the membership list
Send membership list to all members


Review permanent courses


Expect WOA to be starting discussion on shape of next year's regional calendar
Good month to review website?
Send membership list to OY Coordinator, should have all the renewals by now


Event levies due to NZOF 20th


Major event cal s/be solid, expect WOA regionals to be declared "firm"
Good month to review maps?


Finalise Nov-Dec afterwork dates (O-Max)
Think about local calendar for next year (meet with WOC?)
Think about training (perhaps focus on beginner in spring, intermediate autumn, advanced would be external training opportunities (regional/national)
Invite members to put hands up for events (twice a year)
Send membership list to all members
Set AGM date

This page was written by and was endorsed by the committee and first installed on 28 Jan 08. It was last updated on 7 Dec 10 to recognise that a separate Jan meeting is not practicable, and to insert "review permanent courses" and on 24 Jan 12 to take out setting a club champs and insert sending a membership list to the OY Coordinator.