Wellington 2011 Afterwork Rogaine Series Results

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    Coast to Coast, 8 Nov 11

    Course Planner assisted by Jenny Visser.

    Time 3hrs, 20% dark. Weather fine warm and humid with a fantastic sunset. 82 participants.

    The planner comments...
    A few afternoon showers gave way to a warm evening at Houghton Valley, and the sunset over a misty south coast with the South Island in the background was a real distraction to the serious business: bagging controls! Which were scattered along the row of hills that runs from South Head to Mt Victoria.

    A few questions didn't match their circles, but you know what to do. Don't spend too long searching, write down something unique about the place, and come back and negotiate. Thanks to Mike Fee and Jenny Visser for the course planning, Nick for picking up the pizzas, and Michael for preparing the map. I planned to give you a looong thin map but it turned out to be slightly too wide to fit two on the A3 sheet.

    Results 2-hour Event (Houghton Valey school children)
    L=Late, S=Solo, M=Mapper

    1. Paul A and Gareth M 720
    2. Rob Smith and Keri Devine 710
    3. Betty, Pearl, Connie and James 680*
    4. Gerry and Kate 590
    5. Debbie and Andrew 580
    6. Raewyn and Richard 520
    7. Nick Vausse 450
    8. Ross, Mark, Ella and Kate 410*
    9. Jonathan and Luka 360*
    10. Satish and friends 350*
    11. Bob, Riya and Leo 320*
    12. Jean, Ruth, John and Atom 300*
    13. Geoff, Hamish and Henry 250*
    Results 3-hour Event
    L=Late, S=Solo, M=Mapper
    1. Paul and Nick 1340
    2. Gillian and Malcolm Ingham 1180
    3. Debbie Mansfield and Julie Gordon 1110
    4. Mike Phethean, Mike D and Rowan S 1010
    5. Jo McKenzieand Anne Kendon 940
    6. Onslow College Year 11: Shamus Morrison, Cameron Grant, Stuart Engleback 930
    7. Leonie Waayer and Ian Harrison 930
    8. Chris and Iain 920
    9. Simon Rea and Jeff Williams 870
    10. Onslow College Get 2 Go: Pheobe, Bex, Rebecca, Samantha, Jono, Jasper, James 860
    11. Grant Hector and Greg Dobson 800
    12. Sue Eastwood and Graeme Silcock 790
    13. Bruce Worsley and Brian Hallinan 790
    14. Rob Vanderpoel 850 – 85S =765
    15. Jay, Jay, Z and G 720
    16. Kimberley Taylor, Stewart & Nadine Peck 720
    17. Michael Wood -86M -77S = 697
    18. Christie Smith and Nigel Corry 670
    19. Simon Faulkner and Chris Guzzwell 630
    20. Laura Roberts 610
    21. Dick Dinsdale and Jens Jakobsen early finish
    Some odd results recorded on the master sheet

    Tinakori, 19 Oct 11

    Course Planner and Ross Bidmead.

    Time 3hrs, 45% dark. Weather cool with rain developing during the event. 92 participants.

    The planner comments...
    The day was looking good but the promised southerly arrived just in time to make this a more challenging evening. It didn't put many off though, with 40 teams starting. It did prompt teams to return in time, though, with only one team returning late after making a point of bagging both 100 pointers.

    A number of teams bailed early and haven't given me scores. If you want a score recorded let me know and we'll get the results updated. There were also a few team reshuffles that may not be accurately recorded.

    Again let me know and we'll get it updated, especially those who ended up going solo and need points deducted (yeah, right!). With a number of teams returning with mangled and barely readable control sheets I made the call to not collect and check them this time, so hopefully I've captured all the points correctly. Unfortunately it does mean I've no idea which control were popular or not. Total points available was 1530.

    With the density of tracks and the winding streets, my main aim with setting this course was to create lots of navigational options and choices so hopefully there was plenty of head scratching as you worked out the best routes. This is my first attempt at rogaine course planning so any feedback would be greatly appreciated Both general impressions and specifics on controls or the map will be useful.

    Thanks To Beverley Holder for helping out with registrations, Michael Wood for the map and support, and Ross Bidmead for course and control advice and assistance.

    Aix and Pains route: 55-62-43-44-54-41-50-70-53-61-37-22-35-52-60-40-51-32-31-100-101-36-3A-38-24-26-71-45-25

    Onslow College route: 55, 62, 44, 43, 61, 70, 53, 60, 40, 51, 32,31, 34, 50, 41, 54, 36, (it was about here we decided it was too cold so we would head back)3A, 38, 24, 26, 71, 45, 25.

    Results (updated 25 Oct)
    L=Late, S=Solo, M=Mapper

    1. Aix and Pains Bill Edwards 1310 -131S =1179
    2. Mark Hearfield Nick Lowe 1060
    3. Matt's Mob Darryn Gordon Nick Goodall Matt Hassed 1050
    4. Onslow College Year 11 Nick Engleback, Cameron Grant, Shamus Morrison 1010
    5. Dean Ford 1120 - 112S =1008
    6. Greg Dobson Grant Hector 980
    7. Wgtn Girls' plus one Ellie Molloy Islay Dickie Rob Molloy 860
    8. Old chicks Julie Gordon Debbie Mansfield 850
    9. JoKens Ann Kendon Jo McKenzie 790
    10. Lost Bearings Teemu, Janne and Chan 790
    11. Mark and Steven 790
    12. Simon Rea Jeff Williams 770
    13. Graeme Silcock 850 -85S =765
    14. Dick Dinsdale Jens Jacobsen(student) 740
    15. Flying Takahes Jenny Visser Mike Fee Chris Visser-Fee 730
    16. The smoking guns Scott Miller Chris Fremd 700
    17. Firemen Gordon Balfour Michael Wood 830 -140L =690
    18. Jo Peace Julie 660
    19. Rebekah Jeromsen Frazer Jeromson 630
    20. Megshell Rochelle Andrews Meg Shaw 630
    21. Cool Runnings Heather Todd Nathan Frost 600
    22. Cole-Kench Michelle Cole Josh Kench 600
    23. Muriel Seeley & Lorraine Johns 590
    24. Trifector Sharron Came Sharron Came Ian Harrison Gareth Morton Megan Banks 520
    25. Georgia Wedd & Alister Perkinson 520
    26. The lost boys Sean Simpson Alex Simpson 500
    27. Geordie Kiwi Iain Atkinson Leonie Waayer Ian Harrison 500
    28. Wicked Cheatahs Anthony Thomson Natalie Mathews Hazel Thomson 500
    29. Triumphant Trio Laura Roberts David Roberts Jennifer Wray 500
    30. Onslow College Get2Go Josh, Jasper, Jono, Bex, Phoebe, Rebecca 490
    31. Scott Simpson Hamish Knight 481??
    Score sheet not handed in

    Wingate Ridge, 6 Sep 11

    Course Planners and Sue Eastwood.

    Time 3hrs, 90% dark. Weather fine and warm for the time of year; great views over the Hutt Valley. 82 participants.

    Darryn Gordon last a black Gortex jacket in the vicinity of control 91. If anyone saw it please contact

    The planners comment...
    Attached is a spread sheet with the
    final results and the controls visited. I have not allowed any of the claimed controls as significantly more teams found them than claimed them – the worst was control 82 which 16 teams found and 5 claimed – other claims were only one or two teams at any control. I have no doubt that teams claiming the controls were in the general vicinity but as stated at the briefing it depends if other find them. Control 82 was on about the same contour as the tree which your compass should have told you, not down the bank.

    I do agree that the controls were probably a bit on the hard side and will try to make them easier next time. Good to see the four hard controls were got by a few teams – there is some steep difficult country very close to suburbia. We did not have any visits to eastern most controls 36,37,101,65,49,38 & 72 – I obviously got carried away with the size of the map – these tracks were the most likely to have snow damage so you chose well. We only had one visit to control 27 which I applaud you for - it was put in as the one that wasn’t worth visiting even though it was close to the start finish.

    I will leave the ribbons out for about a month if anyone wants to go for a practice – email me if you need a clue sheet.

    The mapper comments...
    Graeme and Sue always like to take us off track and in the wrong hands this can lead to randomness. But like Liam and Rachel at Eastbourne they marked some of the "keep out" bush that they had found. In time, we'll have light green for the really passable bush, medium green for the average and dark green for the jungle.

    They made the most of the hills above Naenae, Taita and Stokes Valley, and another helpful idea was an "H" after the control number for the especially hard ones. Bill Edwards just back from an orienteering trip to Europe joined up with another couple of top M40s (Jason Markham, Mick Finn). They took the top slot 150 points clear of Richard Davies and Ben Clark. Relative newsomers Meg Shaw and Rochelle Andrew did very well to finish 4th, 20 ahead of NZ womens champions Debbie Mansfield and Julie Gordon.

    Graeme and Sue have taken off the claims as every control claimed was found by at least two teams. Please claim if you don't think something is right, but essentially the rest of the teams have the last word! Did anyone else find it?

    Something the rest of the teams have also commented about is team splitting. Not usually miles apart, but the NZ/Aust rogaine rules specify all members have to approach the control within 5m simultaneously. It's not on to send one person down off the track to find the ribbon. A bit more alarming was the rumour about people crossing the railway tracks. Surely not. No-one would do that.

    Finally thanks to Graeme who has learned OCAD (the mapping software) I was able to have a proper run. You too can learn it, and I'll run a training session.

    L=Late, S=Solo, M=Mapper

    1. Aix & Pains Bill Edwards, Mick Finn, Jason Markham 880 (179min)
    2. R&B Richard Davies, Ben Clark 730 (177min)
    3. Martin and Nick Nick Hann, Martin McCrudden, Jamie Brigham-Watson 720 (176min)
    4. Shaw/Andrew Meg Shaw, Rochelle Andrew 680 (171)
    5. Tough Like Jelly Liam Drew, Rachel Drew 670 (177)
    6. M but no M Mike Phethean, Simon Bell 670 (180)
    7. Old Chicks Julie Gordon, Debbie Mansfield 660 (180)
    8. Bidmeads Ross Bidmead, Hazel Bidmead 630 (178)
    9. Morrison/Grant Shamus Morrison, Cameron Grant 640 -10L =630 (181)
    10. Wilton People Nick Engleback, Stuart Engleback, Scott Miller 640 -10L =630 (181)
    11. Locals Jason Brown, Darryn Gordon 550 (167)
    12. Wood/Naish Mike Wood and Dirk Naish 550 -10L =540 (181)
    13. Visser/Fee Jenny Visser, Mike Fee 510 (168)
    14. JoKens Ann Kendon, Jo McKenzie, Sandi Edmonds 510 (170)
    15. Taylor/Bird Scott Taylor, Paul Bird 500 (178)
    16. Team Banana Lorraine Johns, Nina Sawicki, Lindsay Turner, Sandy Zhou 500 (179)
    17. Voltaren is my friend Glen Warner, Mary McBride 730 -230L =500 (203)
    18. Georgia Wedd 560 -20L -54S =486 (182)
    19. Cole – Kench Michelle Cole, Joshua Kench 480 (170)
    20. Marie and Helen Marie Henderson, Helen Law 450 (167)
    21. Holden/Sherwood Jo Holden, Chris Sherwood 450 (169)
    22. Sim/Cassie Jenny Cassie, Murray Sim 460 -20L =440 (182)
    23. Pink Ladies Jenny Cossey, Raymond Morgan 380 (177)
    24. E-W/Ensor Naomi Eastwood-Wilshere, Lauren Ensor 370 (169)
    25. Dick n JJ Dick Dinsdale, Jens Jakobsen, Rob Molloy 350 (174)
    26. Ants & Martin Ants Harmer, Martin Bayly 340 (176)
    27. EM & EN Mark Hearfield, Nick Lowe, Jill Westenra 570 -230L =340 (203)
    28. Alister Perkinson 340 -34S =306 (178)
    29. Rea/Williams Simon Rea, Jeff Williams 270 (170)
    30. MacMeere Gordon MacDonald, Steve Meeres 220 (173)
    Score sheet not handed in

    Hawkins Hill 11 Aug 11

    Updated 15 Aug 11

    Course Planners and

    Time 3hrs, 100% dark. Weather cold and misty but little wind; quite nice compared to the weather forecast! 76 participants.

    The mapper comments...
    Darryn and Brian did an excellent job for their first rogaine planning. The steep country towards the coast providing a thoroughly rural experience while the (slightly) less steep terrain towards the Aro Valley was just as tricky with the road/track directions rarely pointing the way you wanted to go. #82 in Central Park being an example, looks enticingly close to the road above but its a RAVINE in there!

    What a great turnout after a terrible weather forecast, and great to see most people with good gear on. You will see some missing results below, let Brian (link above) know controls visited. And we have a report of a missing wallet, if anyone found it please phone 027 460 7108.

    L=Late, S=Solo, M=Mapper

    1. Nick/BW: Nick Hann Jamie Brigham-Watson 1440
    2. Greg Dobson Grant Hector 1070
    3. Old Chicks: Debbie Mansfield Julie Gordon 1000
    4. Rob and Keri: Keri Devine Rob Smith 990
    5. EMANDEN: Mark Hearfield Nick Lowe 940
    6. Nick and Jason: Nick Goodall Jason Brown 890
    7. Dean and James: Dean Ford James Coubrough 880
    8. Josh Moreton Graeme Silcock 890-20L=870
    9. Gillian Ingham Malcolm Ingham 870
    10. Geordie Kiwi: Iain Atkinson Leonie Waayer Ian Harisson 860
    11. Casper Harmer 1010-70L-94S =846
    12. Firemen: Gordon Balfour Michael Wood 880-88M =792
    13. Sandra Appleby Chris Manson 790
    14. Two guys one compass: Mark Thrupp Stephen Butler 780
    15. Georgia Wedd Alister Perkinson 790-20L=770
    16. The Smoking Guns: Scott Miller Scott Taylor 740
    17. DJ: Dick Dinsdale Jens Jakobsen 780-40L=740
    18. Simon's Onslow Team: Simon Teesdale, Ed Cook, Kate Ogilvie 730
    19. B&J: Jackie O'Hagan Barryn Westfield 710
    20. Joanmaz: Mary McBride Jo Holden 700
    21. Black: Muriel Seeley, Rhys Hayward, Lorraine Johns, Ryan Parry 700
    22. WGC/WC Mixed Get2Go Team: Rob Molloy Ellie Molloy Islay Dickie Andrew Spekreijse 680
    23. Shamus' Onslow Team: Shamus Morrison Rachel Baker Calvin Standrill 660
    24. Eastbourne Restless: Luke Paardekooper Mike Wiggins 640
    25. Paul & Rob: Paul Abbott Rob Templeton 580
    26. Dave and Jerome: Dave Rudge Jerome Sheppard 570
    27. Jenny Visser, Shilon 540
    28. Jenny Cossey Ket Bradshaw 530
    29. Simon Rea Jeff Williams 510
    30. Greg Spence 660-100L-56S=504 (injured)
    31. Cross Trainers: Nigel Corry Al Cross 490
    32. JoKens: Ann Kendon Jo McKenzie 470
    33. Homing Pigeons: Anna McDonnell Helen Mckendrey 440
    34. Pope JP and Follower John Bocock Paul Callaghan and Graeme Richardson 500 (didn't return, by arrangement with organisers)
    35. Mark Wallace no score (injury)
    36. Paul Critchley No card

    Eastbourne 14 July 11

    Course Planner

    Time 3hrs, 100% dark. Weather fine and brisk, pretty nice for mid-winter. 66 participants.

    Rach comments...

    A gorgeous night with a clear full moon in the midst of a week of storms. The course was designed to enable those less confident to stay on track and road while providing challenges to others. We think we achieved our aim, and are impressed with the number of off track ribbons that were found. We had a lot of fun setting the course and hope you enjoyed it. I tried to keep Liam from making them unnecessarily difficult, but wasn't with him when he set the 100 pointers...

    We've been through the results and made some adjustments. There seems to have been a good mix of north and south, with 80 creating the most issues. 2 teams found this, 1 team found something they thought was it incorrectly and a couple claimed - given it was found we have taken the claimed points off - sorry!

    Thanks to Michael for not only the mapping but managing registration as well when Liam got his timings slightly wrong :-)

    A reminder to all to check back in with the organisers at the end.. we thought we'd lost a couple of school teams that hadn't told us they were back, and were just preparing a search strategy when they were located in a nearby vehicle....

    And the mapper comments...

    This was our first good test of a synthetic paper called "Pretex" which is used widely in the UK, and a little bit in NZ, for orienteering. But we need to see whether it will stand up to 3, 6, 12 and 24 hours. We didn't give you map-bags for this reason, and we'd like any comments you have - the usual problem is ink rubbing off on the folds. Yes writing on them in pencil isn't too good and of course ballpoint isn't going to work in the rain, but big events usually have clippers or electronic punches. If anyone who handed their map in with their answers wants it back, The ribbons are going to stay until the end of July; its an excellent training opportunity, let me know if you want a map.

    I=Incorrect or disallowed claim L=Late, S=Solo, M=Mapper

    1. Jamie Brigham-Watson Georgia Wedd, Paul Jensen 760-80I =680
    2. Araforjaysissake! Jackie O Hagan Mary McBride, Glen Warner 680-10L =670
    3. Jill Westenra, Marty, Jerome Shephard 660
    4. Slackers+Mike: Simon Bell Mike Dalzell Mike Phethean 680-30I =650
    5. Greg Dobson Grant Hector 620
    6. M&N: Mark Hearfield Nick Lowe 610-60L =550
    7. Mark Wallace 610-61S =549
    8. Graeme Silcock Sue Eastwood 530
    9. LandSAR: Jo Holden Scott Simpson 520
    10. Chrisimon: Simon Faulkner Chris Guzzwell 500
    11. Geordie Kiwi: Iain Atkinson Leonie Waayer Ian Harrison 560 -80I =480
    12. JoKens: Ann Kendon Jo MacKenzie 470
    13. Simon Rea Jeff Williams 440
    14. The Seels: Lorraine Johns Muriel Seeley Rhys Hayward 420
    15. Luke Paardekooper Mike Wiggins 410
    16. Cupid stunts: Mike Sherwin Jason Brown 480 - 80I =400
    17. Nicole Davies Matt Davies Rochelle Andrews 460-80I =380
    18. Rob Vanderpoel Michael Wood 560-200L-36M =324
    19. Cole-Kench: Michelle Cole Joshua Kench 290
    20. Team Vernon: Jula McMillan Mikie Milloy 290
    21. Ultra Fun: Andrew Shelley Heather Andrews 270
    22. B1 & B2: Bruce Worsley Brian Hallinan 260
    23. The Contract Pickers: Phil Pickering Sam Pickering 260
    24. Sandra Appleby Tracy Higham Phil Pickering 240
    25. Kapiti college 230
    26. Another Kapiti team, no sheet handed in
    27. And Another Kapiti team, no sheet handed in
    28. Bart: Greg Thurlow Solo lost clue sheet (and map!)

    Dry Creek, 7 Jun 11

    Course Planner and Julie Gordon.

    Time 3hrs, 100% dark. Weather warm, a few spits at the end. 43 participants.

    Julie comments...

    Low turn out tonight due to an accident on the motorway. Most teams were away by just after 6pm, late comers by 6.15. Good weather conditons although tracks were muddy and there were lots of stream travel options. (The map was called: Dry Creek, Wet Feet!) Rain held off till the finish.

    The controls were spread from Boulder Hill, across the "Dry Creek Loop" to SH58, into Keith George Memorial Park behind the substation where there's current track building, and over SH2 to the riverbank. Crossing of SH2 was only allowed via subways and culverts. Though there were some obvious loops, there were plenty of off-track controls - this was a real bush rogaine.

    Top score went to Jean and Michael Beaumont who collected 1100, but the rest of the regulars weren't far behind. Apparently an area around Control 82 was fenced off due to work being carried out, but otherwise no problems finding controls. Ribbons will remain out there for anyone who wants a run. Contact Debbie Mansfield for a map and question sheet. Thanks to those who entered.

    L=Late, S=Solo, M=Mapper

    1. Bell Bully: Michael Beaumont, Jean Beaumont, 1100 -20L =1080
    2. Sandra Appleby, Mark Hearfield, Nick Lowe, 1050
    3. Greg Dobson, Grant Hector, 1040
    4. Hazel and Keri Bidmead, 930
    5. Mike Edwards, Wayne Bird, 900
    6. JoKens: Phil and Ann Kendon, 870
    7. Graeme Silcock, Sue Eastwood, 840
    8. The Jolly Rogers: Scott Miller, Matt Keir, Chris Fremd, 830
    9. Michael Wood 980 -98S =882 -88M =794
    10. Rolled Ankle: Iain Atkinson, Ian Harrison, Leonie Waayer, 690
    11. Kate and Gerry, 590
    12. Broken: Jo Holden, Mary McBride, 550
    13. Simon Rea, Jeff Williams, 530
    14. DJ's: Amy Jones, Sarah Dunkley, 500
    15. The Challengers: Shane Ross, Tony Kellett, 480
    16. Vikings: Dick Dinsdale, Jens Jakobsen, 450
    17. Lost Bearings: Janne Halonen, Kalle Pokkinen, Chandima Kulathilake, 440
    18. Flying Rainbow Fish: Rob Molloy, Elle Molloy, 300
    19. Pope John Paul without the Paul: John Bocock, got a few geo-caches
    20. Jill Ross, Angus and Lachie did about an hour's worth.

    Karori, 4 May 11

    Course Planner and Jo Mckenzie

    Time 3hrs, 100% dark. Weather warm windy (on top) and misty. 69 participants.

    The webmaster comments...

    Winner Jamie Stewart who has organised many off-the-beaten-track events himself, said "a very well-planned event." There were controls both sides of Karori from the Skyline to Wrights Hill (and down by the Sanctuary entrance); and in the other direction from Otari Plant Museum to Makara Peak. Yes right on top! Plus a selection of other tracks including the "falls" of Trickle Falls, and the corkscrew bridge on Vertigo.

    Ann and Jo have listed the top two routes, something we could do more of. Jamie and Bryn Davies, both top orienteers, ran 10-62-52-49-80-56-46-60-90-55-40-54-42-72-64-34 (prob 39) -20-38-41-37-53-81-61-24-43-44-91-70-45-26-33-35-11. If you haven't got your map handy this led SW thru Karori and up onto the skyline north of Karori Park. Then along the skyline past the brick fireplace before dropping into Wilton Bush to sweep up everything there. Out into Wilton itself and parallelling the Kaiwharawhara stream to the Sanctuary and wright to the top of the hill. Ahem. Back into the bush at the road hairpin and down out of the mist and a bit of maze-counting and praying on the way home; but the College of Ed was passed up, time must have been getting short.

    The second team 100 points behind but 230 ahead of third, comprised Nick Hann and Tim Robertson (NZ team for junior world orienteering later this year) and Jamie Brigham-Watson (reserve for last year). Need I say more. Their route was 21-46-60-90-55-40-64-39-20-41-38-54-72-42-23-24-81-61-44-91-70-51-32-63-49-80-52-26-10-11. Although it has some common bits it is fairly different. Straight up Johnsons Hill and along past the fireplace. SOME of the Wilton bush controls, out into Wilton, and back in at the cemetery to get the rest. Through the streets to the Sanctuary and up the perimeter fence to the top. Peeling off at the hairpin like the others, they came down at Karori Park and up the other side, then back through the 10-pointers and home.

    Neither dipped into the MTB park, and it would be interesting to know how many did. But planner Jo said she might have favoured Wilton Bush in the scoring because its so nice. Neither called at #22 either for the lollies in the letterbox! A nice touch.

    I still have a beany and a pencil container from the Kaukau event. Contact me, address at the bottom of this page. The next rogaine promises to be a beauty as well - the western hills of Lower Hutt starting at Dry Creek (Haywards). You'll have to register earlier than usual as the maps will have to be ordered before QB weekend. Any probs with the online registration let me know.

    L=Late, S=Solo, M=Mapper

    1. Jamie Stewart & Bryn Davies 1510
    2. Nick Hann, Tim Robertson, Jamie Brigham-Watson 1410
    3. Andy Foster & Greg Thurlow 1260 -80L =1180
    4. Simon McCauliff & Magnus Bengtsson 1160
    5. Greg Dobson & Grant Hector 1060 -20L =1040
    6. Mike Sherwin & Jason Brown 950
    7. Jens Jakobson, Shamus Morrison & Michael Wood 910
    8. Scott Miller, Nick Engleback, Adam Power, Matt Keir 920 -10L =910
    9. Julie Gordon & Debbie Mansfield 870
    10. Hazel Bidmead & Jason Cruickshanks 870
    11. Mike Phethean & Simon Bell 860
    12. Sam Taylor-Offord & Alen Meenchira 830
    13. Mark Hearfield, Howard Harman, Sandra Appleby 850 -70L =780
    14. Glen Warner & Jackie O'Hagan 760
    15. Heather Todd & Nathan Frost 750
    16. Juliet Armstrong & Adam Clarke 730
    17. Sue Eastwood & Graeme Silcock 780 -90L =690
    18. Rob Vanderpoel 740 -74S = 666
    19. Sarah Dunckley & Amy Jones 630
    20. Simon Rea & Jeff Williams 620
    21. Kate Clark & Lisa Phelan 640 -20L =620
    22. Anna McDonnell & Sue Slater = 600
    23. Simon Faulkner 660 -66S =594
    24. Kate & Gerry 590
    25. Suzie & Zoe McQuiod 580
    26. Kim Murray, Hilary McWhinnie, Natash & Nic 560
    27. Jo Pearce & Julie Register 530
    28. Margret Reynolds, Ella Vilipaama & Nicky Smithies 530
    29. Sharon Came & Tony Gazley 530
    30. Lisa Lee Johnson & Jarrad 510
    31. Anton Marsden 560 -56S =504
    32. Phil, Tara & Lauren Kendon =130 (winners of the 1 hr catagory)

    Kaukau, 6 Apr 11

    Course Planner and Hannah McGregor.

    Time 3hrs, 85% dark. Weather fine and crisp (post southerly). 71 participants (probably)

    The mapper comments

    An excellent course which belied the initial description "Ngaio-Johnsonville" by going right over Kaukau to Rifle Range Road and along the back of the Skyline. Plenty of off-track possibilities (as well as on-track for the less experienced). I think it was Jackie and Hannah's first planning, well done!

    The world rogaine championship 2nd mixed placegetters matched up again to win, taking along Yvette's brother Paul visiting from the UK. Greg Thurlow and Magnus Bengtsson was the only other team over 1000 with a 200 point gap back to the rest of us. Though Jamie Stewart and Penny Kane did a "short run" and still managed to get over Kaukau and back!

    They had to take the planner's draft map as we ran out even with some rationing towards the end. The message: pre-register before the maps are printed (48hrs prior). Next time we'll be using the online form that we developed for P-Max.

    The other great result was that of Brian, Jess and Elina Astridge, Elina 23 days old! Brian writes, "She loves swashing around in the sling, she's a veteran on the Tinakori trails already and it's really secure and great for offroad. We even did a couple of offroad controls before it got a bit dark, lasted 1:45 until she wanted a feed!"

    We need to thank Liam and Rachel Drew for resurrecting the ribbons at #91 and 100 which had been blown off. If you had trouble finding these and didn't count them in your total give us a yell. The norm is don't spend too long if you're convinced you're in the right place. In rural areas there's not much else to write down so just write "claim", and if there are enough claimants you'll be credited.

    If anyone wants to go out to controls they missed, we can send you the questions as an Excel file. Note that private land beyond the skyline walkway was available only for the event, and ribbons have been brought in. Others will stay until the May afterwork rogaine. Contact me, address at the botom of this page.

    The webmaster comments

    There are a fair few loose ends in these results, perhaps some of the cards have snuck under the seats in my car! Some aren't named either. While I'm sure the planners reconciled all departures with returns, I think it's essential for safety and of course results that you write your FULL names on your card so that it can be matched with the rego list.

    Someone left behind a beany and a pencil container. Contact me, address at the bottom of this page.

    Results (updated 8 Apr)
    L=Late, S=Solo, M=Mapper

    1. Bill Edwards, Yvette Baker, Paul Hague 1330 -20L =1310 (182-00)
    2. Greg Thurlow and Magnus Bengtsson 1150 (177-28)
    3. Richard Davies, Ben Clark, Ben A
    4. x 950
    5. Rachel and Liam Drew 910
    6. Mike Sherwin, Nick Goodall 880 (177-00)
    7. Mike Sheridan reg sheet says 880 but no card
    8. McLookers: Sylvia Maclaren, Mark Hooker 850
    9. Calvin Standrill, Michael Wood 820 (178-00) Michael was the mapper but 15yo Calvin did all the work and Michael slowed him down!
    10. Keri Devine, Rob Smith 760 (178-00)
    11. Ross Bidmead, Rob van der Poel 760 -50L =710 (185-00)
    12. Mark Hearfield, Howard Harman, Sandra Appleby 690
    13. Scott Taylor and Vincent Zintzen 680
    14. Cranial Vault: Jamie Stewart Penny Kane 670 (started late fin early, good effort)
    15. Tracey and Jake Klap 660 (177-00)
    16. Simon Faulkner 720 -72S =648 (175-00)
    17. Ann Kendon, Jo McKenzie 640 (177-00)
    18. Dangers: Nicole and Matt Davies 610
    19. Dave and Robyn 610
    20. Darryn Gordon, Shaun Jones 570 (172-00)
    21. Unknown 540
    22. Anna Lambrechston and Kate Clark 500 (176-00)
    23. Scott Miller, Christian Fremd 490
    24. Nanasgorogaining: Jo Peace, Julie Register 490
    25. Nicola Mitchell, Anna McDonnell, Jane Jennings reg sheet says 490 but no card
    26. Anna and Helen 470 (179-00)
    27. Chris Sherwood, Jo Holden, 420
    28. Kim Murray, Hamish Farrar, Natasha Parker 390
    29. Simon Rea, Jeff Williams 380 (176-59)
    30. Martyn Bayly and Dave Rudge reg sheet says 340 but no card
    31. Carolyn Ellis and Emma Lodge 330
    32. Brian Jess and Elina Astridge (23 days old) 150 (105-00)
    33. Matt and Lauren Turner reduced time only
    34. Julie Gordon and Murry Parker no card
    35. Simon Williamson no card

    Kenepuru, 3 March 11

    Course Planner

    Time 3hrs, 30% dark. Weather fine and warm. 28 participants.

    The course planner comments:

    A perfect summer evening for a revisit to Porirua, including Elsdon Bush on one side of the valley and Waitangirua/Aotea on the other. A clear choice of bush vs suburbia well-supplied with walkways and green areas. Bill Edwards top-scored but was taken down by his solo penalty, so the old firm of Andy Foster and Greg Thurlow ended up winners. A tie for third was resolved in favour of Glen Warner and Mary McBride who came in 3min earlier than new pair Scott Taylor and Vincent Zintzen.

    Someone left behind an LED Lenser headtorch, please contact me.

    The mapper comments:

    Results (updated after checking 4 Mar)
    L=Late, S=Solo, M=Mapper

    1. Andy Foster, Greg Thurlow 830 (8:57)
    2. Bill Edwards 870 -87S =783 (9:00)
    3. Glen Warner, Mary McBride 650 (8:57)
    4. Scott Taylor, Vincent Zintzen 650 (9:00)
    5. Ross Bidmead, Hazel Bidmead 630 (8:56)
    6. Simon Williamson, Carolyn Ellis 690 -120L =570 (9:12)
    7. Harry Smith 610 -50L -56S =504 (9:05)
    8. Mike Sherwin, Darryn Gordon 500 (8:52)
    9. John Bocock, Graeme Richardson, Paul Callaghan 470 (8:52)
    10. Simon Rea, Jeff Williams 490 -20L =470 (9:02)
    11. Michael Wood, Jill Dalton 500 -50M =450 (8:54)
    12. Jason Cruickshanks, Brent Sarten 480 -30L =450 (9:03)
    13. Julie Gordon, Jenny Cossey 460 -60L =400 (9:06)
    14. Rob van der Poel 440 -30L -41S =369 (9:03)
    15. Graeme Silcock, Sue Eastwood 340 (8:53)

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