Rongotai Rogaine

Southern Bays 25 Mar 10

This rogaine was planned by 15yo Alex Nicholson, and he made a really good job of it. There were nearly 60 controls from Seatoun to Island Bay, and from Evans Bay to the south coast. Alex is actually pretty cunning - it is a school assignment for which he will get NCEA credits. The skills required to set up something like this are not just navigation but include project planning, event management and safety. There were 66 participants but see below**

Results Secondary Schools

  1. Kirk Symmes, Jonathan Grey, Daniel Steer Wellington College 890
  2. Mathew Saunders, Ben Hunt Wellington College 600
  3. Tom Meaclen, Ray Chang Wellington College 320
  4. Hunter Saban, Unkn Wellington College 560
  5. Alex's mates Rongotai College ???
Results Other
  1. Mark Hearfield, Andy Foster 1350
  2. Hazel Bidmead, Jackie O’Hagan 1340
  3. Debbie Mansfield, Julie Gordon 1300
  4. Simon McAuliffe, Magnus Bengtsson, Tessa Ramsden 1270
  5. Al Cross, Jill Westenra 1210
  6. Mark Wallace, Phil Kendon 1170
  7. Mary McBride, Sandra Appleby 1150
  8. Tara, Mario 1120
  9. Caspar Harmer 1100
  10. Harry Smith 1090
  11. Nigel Corry, Christie Smith 1060
  12. Barryn Westfield, Paul Chaplow 1040
  13. Lizzie Ingham, Laura Robertson 1000
  14. Anna McDonnell, Nic Mitchell 970
  15. Glen Warner, Jo Holden, Mark, Shane alias Chris 960
  16. John Robertson 950
  17. Rob Smith, Keri Devine 940
  18. Greg Thurlow 927
  19. Brian Hallinan, Bruce Worsley 890
  20. Michael Wood (Mapper 10% less time ie 162min) 880
  21. Dave Rudge 850
  22. Nicole, Hayden 850
  23. Jenny Fildes 840
  24. Kim Murray, Hamish Farrar 820
  25. Mike Fee, Jenny Visser, Christopher V-F 790
  26. Jon, Louise 780
  27. Jeff Williams, Simon Rea 770
  28. John Bocock, Paul Callaghan 725
  29. Bill Edwards **
Tailpiece. Bill Edwards got held up in the downtown traffic and started late; but did the full 3 hours. He was checked in (after most of you went home) but didn't furnish an answer sheet. In fact he didn't write anything down because his right hand (his WRITE hand) was bandaged up, the bones in his little finger were shattered by a difficult catch in a cricket game. Bill has furnished his route and this unofficial count is 1660! Which is not surprising if you have been rogaining or orienteering for a while. Bill is in fact the current Mens 40 World Orienteering Champion in the sprint distance.

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