9.98th AW Birthday Rogaine

Belmont Regional Park, 20 Aug 09

On 26 Aug 1999 a few rogainers decided to have a bit of a practice for the World Champs. They met at Belmont Regional Park, and one of them had put some circles on the topo map. Nothing on the ground. Not even a question. The afterwork rogaine was born.

This was the very same course. Today's participants were surprised at the lack of a question sheet and the trust in their honesty, but took off claiming that all controls looked do-able! In the end honesty prevailed, and Bill Edwards' 1060 was remarkably similar to Phil Wood's 1100 from ten years ago; and Greg Thurlow could probably have bettered the figure if he hadn't been encouraged by the beautiful night to run an extra 27 minutes! Others treated the night as intended, and the scores were less important.

Why 9.98? Farmland areas of the park close on Saturday for lambing; it reopens at Labour Weekend. So it wasn't quite the 10th birthday.

Results (FWIW)

  1. Bill Edwards, 1060
  2. Greg Thurlow, 1110 -270L =840
  3. Jenny Cossey, Graeme Silcock, 830
  4. Julie Gordon, Debbie Mansfield, 780
  5. Mark Hearfield, 660
  6. John Robertson, 580 (in 2hr22)
  7. Glen Warner, Shane Ross, 550
  8. Rebekah Wright, Hannah McGregor, June Gibbons, 550 -30L =520
  9. Mark Wallace, 450
  10. Brian Hallinan, Bruce Worsley, 430
  11. Helen McKendry, Nicola Mitchell, 320
  12. Dan Pringle, Lisa Phelan, 310
  13. Jamie Stewart, Penny Kane, 310
  14. Phil Pharand, Sandra Beaubien, 280
  15. Norilie Lopez, Michael Wood, 250 (in 2hr15)
  16. Erica Hindle, Viv Homes, 60
  17. Rob Smith, Keri Devine, not recorded
  18. Jonathan Shutt, mates didn't show, but he biked there and home!
And we paste in the original results from 1999:
  1. Philip Wood, 1100
  2. Tom Ehlen and Rob Harrow, 990
  3. Mike Sheridan and Alan Stowell, 980
  4. Tony Gazley and Chris Tait, 960
  5. Mark Copeland, 890
  6. Steve Holden, 800
  7. Michael Wood and Scott van Dyk, 730
  8. Ted van Geldermalsen and Penny Edwards, 600
  9. Rob Aitken and Giles Turner, TBA
Planner Mark Copeland.
Winner's route: From start at Stratton Street rangers house, upstream then up to Old Coach Rd, north to farmhouse in bunkers area, trig ITB, Airstrip, Round Knob, Cannons Head, Belmont Trig (with various offshoots), Baked Beans Bend, Korokoro Dam, out to Maungaraki and down Stratton St to finish.
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