Wellington Spring Afterwork Rogaine Results

River Deep, Mountain High Rogaine, 9 Dec 08

Johnsonville and Newlands. Time 3hrs, 100% light. Participants 64.

Course planners and Mark Hearfield. They write...

Great to see you all out there checking out the new RDMH map, which by all accounts was thoroughly enjoyable for all. Particularly the waterfall visit, and the views from the trig. For the keen (Bill, Andy, and on his bike, Greg) who visited all 4 100 pointers there was a bonus 100 points given out. We also dispensed with the 10% solo penalty in the spirit of Christmas in an urban setting.

Speedsters (and former city safari winners) Bill Edwards and Andy Foster collected all the Newlands controls separately and then tackled Mt Kau Kau before meeting up and grabbing a few dozen more controls together - then finishing in equal first place. It was suggested that we drop the 10% penalty for them as they finshed together but then we would have to apply a 10% penalty for splitting up at the start. An impressive effort!

Greg Thurlow, in his injured incarnation, whipped around on his bike to win the unofficial left-my-running-shoes-at-home-I'd-quite-like-to-rest-my-ankle-must-practise-my-MTB-orienteering-for-the-Pencarrow-rogaine-so-as-not-to-let-my-partner-down-gee-that-bike-looks-comfy category.

Third placed, and top team as well as top women, were NZ orienteering reps Lizzie Ingham and Rita Homes with an excellent 1320 points, just ahead of adventurers Ross Bidmead and Kerri Bidmead, followed closely by Magnus and Simon.

Start of the day goes to John Marshall who was on his way to Wellington for a game of poker and a pizza. After seeing Michael Wood and Nicholas Hann run past Khandallah Station with maps in hand he decided to switch to Rogaine and Pizza. A quick ride to Jville on his bike and he got away at 7pm and managed to pick up a quick 910 points in two hours.

Finish of the day goes to the team who scraped in at the exact last second - well done!

Thanks for coming along, good to see the ever-improving efforts from all, and looking forward to seeing everyone at the Pencarrow bike-run rogaine-bbq in 10 days.

PS A couple of teams were given the benefit of the doubt on some questions eg Andy Foster - Wellington City vs Streetworks - although maybe he knows better on who actually does the maintenance.

Cheers, Mick Finn and Mark Hearfield


  1. Bill Edwards 1640
  2. Andy Foster 1640
  3. Lizzie Ingham Rita Homes 1320
  4. Ross Bidmead Kerri Bidmead 1290
  5. Magnus Bengtsson Simon 1240
  6. Debbie Mansfield Steve Wagner 1180
  7. Jason Brown Nick Goodall Jim Davidson Shaun Seebelauk 1160
  8. Harry Smith 1110
  9. Jim Jones Paul Abbott 1060
  10. Jo McKenzie Phil Kendon 1050
  11. Nicole Ranger Matt Davies Tristan Oakley 1030
  12. Jim Sutherland Bill Clarke 1020
  13. Graeme Silcock Sue Eastwood 1010
  14. Norilee Lopez Dick Dinsdale 980
  15. Brian Hallinan Bruce Worsley 960
  16. Barry Stevens Jo Stevens 960
  17. Alan Horn Paul Teesdale-Spittle 930
  18. Michael Wood Nicolas Hann 910
  19. John Marshall 910
  20. Simon Faulkner Chris Guzzwell 900
  21. John Bocock Graham Richardson 850
  22. Darren Gordon Bart Evans 850
  23. Mike Fee 840
  24. Anna McDonnell Helen McKendrey 800
  25. Chris Watson Petra Watson 750
  26. Vicki Connor Adele Fitzpatrick 580
  27. Catherine Cade Michael 560
  28. Jenny Visser Chris Visser 540
  29. Jenny Bocock Rachel Callaghan 450
  30. Alex Nicholson Sean Ford 350

Wile's Revenge, Karori, 6 Nov 08

Course planner

Link here to the answers (493kb spreadsheet), and explanations (34kb spreadsheet).

Time 3hrs, 10% dark participants 73.

Greg writes...

Great to have 70-80 odd people turn up after a long break in the calendar. Congratulations to Bill Edwards, Tim Wilson and Darren Blackhurst who top scored with 1180. I still have a few spare maps so if you know of anyone who wants to have a go in their spare time, get them to drop me a line.

Mr FU did visit:

I take full responsibility and apologies to those whom I confused. As punishment I will not complain about the maps for the rest of the series. I can also send out a spreadsheet with some more if you really haven’t got much to do with your time.

Scoring. I Know my mind is warped but I had a chortle over some of the answers – I get the feeling there was a little bit of frustration out there. So I was also a little more generous in the scoring…. I administered 10% penalty for mapper, solo and one late penalty (good that people were back on time). I nearly gave one team a penalty for too much haste and too little thinking but on the whole good to see you were all making a genuine attempt..

Thanks to: You all for turning up and persevering with my obsecure thought patterns; Jill Ford for the energy boost at the end – I’m sure some of you appreciated the chocolate (a nice touch; Michael Wood for another exceptional map (beats doing it with paintbrush like I did last time…)


  1. Bill Edwards, Tim Wilson, Darren Blackhurst, 1180
  2. Magnus Bengtsson, Simon McAuliffe, 1080
  3. Lizzie and Gillian Ingham, 960
  4. Andrew, Phil, 920
  5. Debbie Mansfield, Steve, 910
  6. Ian Bowie, Mike Sheridan, 860
  7. Jim Jones, Paul Abbott, 800 -10L =790
  8. Liam Drew, Rachel Ockelford, 790
  9. Dick Dinsdale, Norillie Lopez, 780
  10. Kalle Pokkinen, Richard, Jo 770
  11. Michael Wood, Jenny Cossey, 850 -85P =765
  12. Anna, Sarah, 740
  13. Richard Davies, Ben Ainsworth, 710
  14. Gerry Whitehouse, Pip le Couteur, Kat, 700
  15. Bruce Worsley, Brian Hallinan, 700
  16. Mary McBride, Shona, Mark Hearfield, 700
  17. Harry Smith, 750 -75S =675
  18. Sue Eastwood, Graeme Silcock, 670
  19. Sandra, Chris, 660
  20. Pat van Berkel, 730 -73S =657
  21. Vicki, Jo, 635
  22. Murray Sim, Jenny Cassie, 620
  23. Ramash Swamy, 680 -68S =612
  24. Helen, Nicola, Anna, 590
  25. Miriam, Sarah, 560
  26. Simon Rea, Geoff Williams, 550
  27. Jenny Visser, Mike Fee, Jill Ford, 540
  28. Shane Ross, Mark Rickard, 530
  29. Team Bocock, 520
  30. Anna Naisbitt, Matt Walton, 500
  31. Catherine, Howard, 465
  32. Lorraine, Hannah, 410
  33. Rita, Louise, Chan, 370
  34. Simon Falkner, Chris Guzwell, 360/2hrs
  35. Nathan, Jerome Sheppard, no sheet
PS. I have received some positive feedback on the event already. Nice. I need to have a think about whether I set cryptic clues again. To be honest the faffing around with the clues is probably not worth the enjoyment of confusing everyone… I have burnt the candle on this little labour of love. So if you have an opinion drop us a line. Admittedly the clues were hard but wait till one tries TWALK or the old Bruce Mcleod epics in Otago… Trying to find small tags in the middle of nowhere is seriously hard at times… If last night was not your cup of tea then my advice is don’t bother going to TWALK…

Yours , Greg “Wile” Thurlow

BTW – don’t bother selecting music trivia as your bonus round at the pub quiz. Or are my music tastes really that bad…

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