Wellington Spring Sprint Rogaine Series Results

Webmaster note: These are not strictly rogaines as they are not fixed-time events for teams over at least 3hrs. But it seems the word rogaine has a recognition factor that the word orienteering doesn't, so whatever puts maps in people's hands is cool! There shouldn't be any distinction I reckon, after all running races commonly go from 10sec to several hours and sometimes they require teams!

Mt Victoria, 17 Nov 09

Course Planner

Time unltd, all controls in any order, results ordered first by controls missed, then by time. 100% light for most. Fine evening with fresh breeze (rain waited until afterwards!) 56 participants.

Jo writes...

Thanks for the 56 who turned up for the final in the Spring Sprint Rogaine Series in Hataitai on Tuesday evening. I made a slight fubar re the placement of control 81 on the map. Apologies, but no-one gets penalised for missing it. However, we haven't made any further concessions to those of you who may have spent 45 minutes floundering around in the gorse trying to find it...

Just in case you were interested, the names on the ribbons represented most of the names of Kiwi Teams entered for XPD 2010, plus a couple of Aussie Teams. Most of us will be there on the start line on May 19 next year - check out the website for details - http://www.xpd.com.au/

Thanks to everyone who has supported the Spring Sprint Rogaine Series, in particular to Michael Wood for his outstanding mapping skills, and Glen & Helen who pulled together the paperwork. We've had fun putting the courses together, and it's been great to see people having a bit of social at the end of each event.

One more rogaine this year: a bike-optional 4hr rogaine in St Pats Forest on Sat 12 Dec. Similar to afterwork event earlier this year which had more than enough controls - so most will be able to choose new teritory. Bikes may be used, not used, or partially used as you see fit.


  1. Bill Edwards 1:27:00
  2. Jamie Stewart 1:35:20
  3. John Robertson 1:41:58
  4. Dick Dinsdale, Pensey 1:42:13
  5. Mark Wilcox Gillian Ingham 1:42:47
  6. Chilton Laura Robertson 1:48:50
  7. Iain Atkinson Narilie Lopez 1:50:04
  8. Hazel Bidmead Ross Bidmead 1:53:16
  9. Harriette Carr Stuart Palmer 1:55:50
  10. Keri Devine Rob Smith 1:56:43
  11. Graeme Silcock 1:58:00
  12. Ramesh Swamy 2:00:35
  13. Michael Wood Katherine Campbell 2:36:30 (+15:36 Mapper) =2:52:06
  14. Jennifer Beaumont Steve Austin 2:52:58
  15. Andrew McLellan 2:07:19 M20
  16. Brian Hallinan Bruce Worsley 2:27:30 M100
  17. Bill Brierley Moya 3:23:38 M180
  18. Greg Thurlow Jackie O'Hagan 2:11:25 M200
  19. David Chamberlain Gordon MacLoed Tony Reeve 2:19:38 M260
  20. Andrew Shelley 2:11:30 M280
  21. Phil Pharand 2:37:38 M280
  22. John Bocock Jenny 2:56:37 M280
  23. Miriam Sorenson Sarah Bolleboom 2:21:11 M340
  24. Shalyse Checkley Renee Ayer 2:50:24 M380
  25. Josie Christian Catherine Stefan 2:06:19 M420
  26. Jon Shutt Claire Houlihan Andrew Roxborugh 1:59:02 M460
  27. Andy Morse Stevie Jess Hayden 2:01:49 M460
  28. Vincent Zintzen 1:53:18 M480
  29. Erica Hindle Viv Holmes 3:17:57 M500
  30. Kevin Cole Richard Young 1:42:11 M680

Khandallah, 5 Nov 09

Course Planner

Time unltd, all controls in any order, results ordered first by controls missed, then by time. 100% light for most. Fine evening with fresh breeze. 61 participants. Sorry about late results, Glen had a nasty cycle accident at the weekend. Looks like the typing finger is still working though...


  1. Greg Thurlow 1:18:55 (+10% planner) 1:26:49
  2. Greg Dobson 1:32:00
  3. John Robertson 1:35:10
  4. Mick Finn 1:36:00
  5. Laura Robertson 1:36:25
  6. Nic Blair 1:36:30
  7. Mark Hearfield Mary MacBride 1:37:10
  8. Nick Hann 1:41:40
  9. Ramash Swamy 1:42:30
  10. Debbie Mansfield Julie Gordon Steve Wagner 1:48:50
  11. Paul Abbott Jim Jones Darryn Gordon 1:56:20
  12. Onslow College Shamus Morrison 1:57:45
  13. Jim Mike 1:58:10
  14. The Homing Pigeons Helen McKendrey Anna McDonnell Jenny Cossey 2:02:15
  15. Michael Wood 1:54:55 (+10% mapper) 2:06:24
  16. Onslow College Finlay Morrison 2:06:55
  17. Jill Ross Fiona Woodhouse Chris Rickard Suzzane 2:09:40
  18. Iain Atkinson Norilie Lopez 2:11:45
  19. Sue Eastwood Graeme Silcock 2:16:10
  20. Brian Hallinan Bruce Worsley 2:19:25
  21. 4 Person Laura Chivers Dave Sandra Phil 2:07:20 +260
  22. Stefan Claire Andrew 2:16:00 +400
  23. Ray Woodhouse 2:25:00 +460
  24. David Chamberlain Gordon Tony 2:00:15 +480
  25. Anna Walton Mat Walton 1:49:20 +520
  26. Keri Devine Rob Smith 1:15:50 +540
  27. John Bocock Graeme Richardson 1:56:00 +560
  28. Dick Dinsdale 1:09:40 +580
  29. Jennifer Beaumont Steve Austin Craig Belhouse 1:41:40 +580
  30. Geoff Bush Paul Andrews 2:29:00 +640
  31. The Wanderers Katherine Campbell Georgina 1:58:50 +820
  32. Beverley Holder 0:57:00 +960
  33. Alister Adams 1:33:10 No Score Sheet

Johnsonville, 22 Oct 09

Course Planner

Time unltd, all controls in any order, results ordered first by controls missed, then by time. 100% light for most. Light drizzle. 49 people. Glen writes...

The Spring Sprint Series continues to bring out the dodgy weather, with the forecast rain holding off all day until about an hour before event start. 49 people across 24 teams headed off in light drizzle, on a well spread course which required a good route plan.

Rachel and Liam squeezed in just ahead of Lizzie and Gillian Ingham with young Shamus Morrison hot on their heels. All seemed full of smiles even if a little damp, with Shamus showing as much attitude as Jack (Control #81). Greg Thurlow made a welcome return to the Rogaine scene and was assisted by Jackie who is new to the country.

20 of the 24 teams collected all controls with the "most" favorite control voted as being #101 - Basement Flat (as voted by the origanising team). I'm told you all enjoyed the climbs that we managed to find around J'ville.

The Aotearoa Crocodile Hunter Boys enjoyed the chance to look after a small selection of our children and plan out our next XPD training adventure over Labour weekend. We'll be taking our Bridgedale supplied socks for a 2 day MTB ride around the Wellington Coast into the Wairarapa past Cape Palliser, then on to Sunday lunch in Martinborough, followed by a wee trek and some nav work into the North Eastern Oronga's with an overnight stay at Waiorongamai Hut.

We also spared a moment for our team mate Jo Holden who lost her mother to illness last week, Jo and Chris our thoughts are with you. See you all in Khandallah on Nov 5th, we hope that it will be a cracker of an event ;-)


  1. Rachel Ockelford Liam Drew 0:46:23
  2. Lizzie Ingham Gillian Ingham 0:46:25
  3. Onslow College Shamus Morrison 0:46:25
  4. Greg Dobson 0:47:45
  5. Simon Bell Mike Dalzell Martin Luoni Mike Phethean 0:52:46
  6. Nic Blair 0:54:00
  7. Greg Thurlow Jackie 0:54:30
  8. Simon Bickers Geoff McDonnell 0:57:10
  9. Darren Gordon Paul Abbott 0:58:46
  10. Debbie Mansfield Julie Gordon 1:03:58
  11. Onslow College Emily Dinsdale Fiona Katherine 1:07:15
  12. Tara Donnelly Michelle van Looy 1:08:08
  13. Jill Ross Fiona Woodhouse Chris Rickard 1:10:16
  14. Sue Eastwood Graeme Silcock 1:11:38
  15. Casper Harmer 1:12:38
  16. Phil Laura Dave Sandra 1:15:45
  17. John Bocock 1:27:08
  18. Miriam Adams Sarah 1:41:22
  19. Simon Faulkner Peter Armstrong John Smith 1:44:29
  20. Arjun Ganesh Christian Evans Josie Beruldson Andrew Roxburgh 1:47:14
  21. Anna Walton Mat Walton MC41,103 +140 1:15:15
  22. Geoff Bush Paul Andrews MC60,100 +160 1:46:20
  23. Ray Woodhouse MC21,43,60,62 +180 1:27:15
  24. Beverley Holder Dick Dinsdale MC20,41,43,81,100 +280 0:54:00

Petone, 6 Oct 09

Course Planner

Time unltd, 21 controls in any order, results ordered first by controls missed, then by time. 100% light for most. Cold southerly off the pole but fine and dry. 40 people. Glen writes...

The Wintery blast was still rolling through, but the southerly showers in particular stopped in time for the 40 hardy soles (I make it 80 ..webmaster) to take on the rather flat sprinters course around the Hutt River and Eastern side of Petone. The revised scoring system has moved some people around based on the value of controls missed affecting their overall position.

Jamie has managed to keep his clean sheet of 3 from 3 wins so far, with Tim Fairbrother visiting from England pipping Andy Foster by a few seconds. Tim tells me he followed someone across the water trap from Control #101, the water (besides chilly) was above waist height.

Fingers crossed that the next event in Johnsonville on October 22nd will welcome the return of Spring.


  1. Jamie Stewart 0:44:02
  2. Tim Fairbrother 0:49:15
  3. Andy Foster 0:49:30
  4. Casper Harmer 0:54:35
  5. Keri Devine Rob Smith 0:56:45
  6. Debbie Mansfield Julie Gordon Steve Wagner 0:57:15
  7. Lizzie Ingham Sarah Gray 0:57:25
  8. Marty Reynolds Phil Kendon 0:58:02
  9. Jula McMillan 0:58:15
  10. Darren Gordon 1:01:45
  11. Team Toni Jim Jones John Scott Toni Moyes 1:01:45
  12. Iain Atkinson Norilie Lopez 1:03:25
  13. Ian McCabe Graeme Silcock 1:04:05
  14. Brian Hallinan Bruce Worsley 1:04:25
  15. Michael Wood 0:58:50 +05:53Mapper =1:04:43
  16. Phil Pharand Sandra Roau Bien 1:34:45
  17. John Robertson 0:54:37 MC20 +20 0:54:37
  18. Mike Phethean Shane Tennent 0:59:30 MC23 +20 0:59:30
  19. Nicole Ranger Matt Davies 0:58:00 MC22,23,60 +100 0:58:00
  20. Sledges Helen Gregan Treena Fitness 1:32:25 MC102 +100 1:32:25
  21. Ray Woodhouse Fiona Woodhouse 1:36:45 MC102 +100 1:36:45
  22. Onslow College Emily Dinsdale Jimmy Finlayson 0:46:45 MC23,41,83,101 +240 0:46:45
  23. Beverley Holder Carol Ramsden 1:35:15 MC61,81,100,103 +340 1:35:15

Miramar, 24 Sep 09

Course Planner

Time unltd, 19 controls in any order, add 1min/10 points not collected, ie miss out #99 and have 9min added to time. Not sure whether the solo penalty is going to be invoked. 100% dark. Weather wintry cold but no rain. 34 people. Glen writes...

The Aotearoa Crocodile Hunters XPD team, fresh from a wintry weekend training mission over the Tararua Southern Main Range, including the famous Tararua Peaks ladder, were left wondering if we'd got the name of our series right.

Spring had deserted us for the evening, but we still had a hard core of true Wellingtonians turning out on a chilly and dampish night to pit their wits in our Collect All Controls sprint format. Bill Edwards pipped Jamie Stewart by just over a half a minute, both lads full of smiles and some stories of hard to find controls on their return.

As others drifted in over the next hour the talk of the evening was Jo's little ripper Control 101 "The Culvert". A ribbon hanging at an old dam marked on the map could be reached by old overgrown tracks from both below and above, that is if the tracks could be found. Of the 19 teams, only 8 collected all 19 Controls. The 40 pointers (or 4 minute penalty Controls) in the middle of the map were ignored by a large number of teams, as were a number of the 20's The talk afterwards was of strategic missed controls, so we will be working hard on the Petone map in an attemp to have more if not all teams collecting all controls.

Daylight savings this weekend, so we'll have an hour of light for the start of the Petone event on Tuesday October 6th. Hope to see you (and the sun) all there.


  1. Bill Edwards 1:07:40
  2. Jamie Stewart 1:08:15
  3. Ramash Swamy 1:15:30
  4. Casper Harmer 1:21:40 Missed #22,23 =1:25:40
  5. Keri Devine, Rob Smith 1:19:25 Missed#23,41,42 =1:29:25
  6. Sergey Kurov 1:32:28
  7. Sarah Gray, Hamish McClurg 1:35:55
  8. Lizzie Ingham, Gillian Ingham 1:23:45 Missed#40,101 =1:37:45
  9. Michael Wood 1:20:24 Missed#23,41,42 =1:30:24 +Mapper10% =1:39:26
  10. The Homing Pigeons: Helen McKendrey, Nic Mitchell 1:50:50
  11. Penny Kane, Nadine Kuiper 1:55:00
  12. Onslow College: Emily Dinsdale, Nick Butler 1:45:10 Missed#23,41,42 =1:55:10
  13. Paul Renwick, John Melheist 1:32:10 Missed#40,41,42,43,101 =1:58:10
  14. Brian Hallinan, Bruce Worsley 1:45:20 Missed#20,23,101 =1:59:20
  15. Iain Atkinson, Noralie Lopez 1:45:45 Missed#22,23,41,42,43 =2:01:45
  16. Beverley Holder Dick Dinsdale 1:24:50 Missed#20,23,40,41,42,43,61,101 =2:01:50
  17. Jim Jones, Paul Abbott, Darryn Gordon 1:53:10 Missed#101 =2:03:10
  18. Mike Dalzell, Simon Bell, Martin Luoni 2:03:40
  19. Helen Maddox, Liam Drew 2:15:55 Missed?? =2:31:55

Downtown Wellington, 8 Sep 09

Course Planner

Time unltd, 18 controls in any order, add 1min/10 points not collected, ie miss out #99 and have 9min added to time. Not sure whether the solo penalty is going to be invoked. 100% dark. Weather fine and crisp, no wind. 39 people. Glen writes...

Wow, what a first night. It was great to see some familar faces and some new and younger ones as well.

We had 21 teams/individuals cutting up the tarmac around town, all but 7 managed to collect all 18 controls, with the remaining 7 teams only missing a single control each and after applying timing a penalty I think we have a pretty good set of results for the effort.

The Aucklander #60... ha, you all struggled with this, and after re-visiting the site this morning the big sign post and blurb at the entrance to Tug boat about the Auckland has GONE! so everyone who visited the site has been given the control. Well done to those who asked people on the boat and got the answer, love ya work.

Jamie Stewart came wandering back into Mac's Brewery just under the hour mark, which pleased the course setters with our estimates. Andrew McLellan and John Duggan decided to drop #20 Climbing Wall, our signature control as it featured a Crocodile, in a hope that the 2 minute penalty would keep them in front of the fast moving pair of Nick and Shamus from Onslow College. But our penalty system worked well and the young whippets were promoted to 2nd equal, fantastic effort.

Thanks for staying back and passing on your comments they have all been noted and it was great to hear everyone enjoyed the format. Jo is busy planning out the Miramar course for Thursday September 24th, Jo tells me head lamps will be required and that you will all have FUN, so see you at "The Cutting Bar" Miramar Ave in 2 weeks

Thanks from the Aotearoa Crocodile Hunters, Glen, Jo, Shane and Mark


  1. Jamie Stewart 0:57:45
  2. Onslow College Nick Hann Shamus Morrison 1:05:05
  3. Andrew McLellan John Duggan 1:03:10 Missed#20 =1:05:10
  4. John Robertson Laura Robertson 1:05:15
  5. Lizzie Ingham Gillian Ingham 1:06:20
  6. The Homing Pigeons Helen McKendrey Anna McDonnell Nic Mitchell 1:13:10
  7. Debbie Mansfield Julie Gordon Steve Wagner 1:12:40 Missed#61 =1:18:40
  8. Gemma Buchanan Zoe Wallis Matthew Appleby 1:23:15
  9. Michael Wood Ross Bidmead 1:10:08 Missed#60 =1:16:08 Plus mapper's 10% = 1:23:37 (sorry Ross!)
  10. Tim Bailey Paul Renwick 1:18:42 Missed#61 =1:24:42
  11. Ben Candy Ellie Candy 1:25:00
  12. Darryn Gordon Sam Paton 1:26:50
  13. Brian Hallinan Bruce Worsley 1:27:50
  14. Sue Eastwood Graeme Silcock 1:32:00
  15. CAN Casper Harmer Nadine 1:36:45
  16. Paul Chaplow 1:35:45 Missed#20 =1:37:45
  17. Keri Devine Rob Smith 1:29:45 Missed #80 =1:37:45
  18. Kim Murray Hamish Farrar 1:38:50
  19. Simon Bickers Steph 1:53:55 Missed#61 =1:59:55
  20. Katherine Campbell 2:02:30

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