OHV Control Codes

This page contains the codes on OHV controls, to save course planners from physically visiting the gear shed(s) when they are drawing up their control descriptions. Take note of the "as at dates" date below, controls have a habit of getting lost and this list will get out of date!

Electronic Punching Set, Updated 3 Dec 13

Kept at Dydo Manufacturing, 142 Eastern Hutt Rd, Taita, c/o Tony and Jason van Dyk. These are fibreglass stakes with no number as there is a number on the SI box. They have a clipper for backup, and are accompanied by aluminium brackets with SI station holders.

Tony and Jason also keep the SI stations at Dydo, together with other electronic equipment, and we share with Wgtn OC where required. Our numbering sequence dovetails with Wgtn. We have numbers 31 to 86.

We may only have 40 stakes though but see below.

Clipper Punching Set, Updated 3 Dec 13 by Bruce

Kept in the Gear Shed, at 280 Major Drive, Kelson, c/o James Scott. These numbers are attached to a mixture of fibreglass and hollow stainless steel stakes, have either one clipper, or if in bold have double clippers. There are no SI brackets there, use these for events WITHOUT electronic punching.

The 14 asterisked stakes have the numbers taped over so they can be used with the SI boxes without confusion. The tape could be removed of course for use with clippers. Control 433 is missing the bottom few inches but still could be used in soft ground or if supported by another object.

Spare parts. A dozen or so clippers ranging from good to very old. Some top brackets that fit the fibreglass stakes, they neeed a special wedge to attach them, there are fewer wedges. Yellow number tags, 495-6-7-8-9-500.

Flags: about 100 serviceable flags including the newest ones. Michael has another 8-10 at his place for repair. Date of report 12 Mar 11.

Reflectors: 9 20X20mm reflectors, stuck both sides onto a longer bit of perspex with a hole, to carry a rubber band for attaching to (say) a control for night orienteering. Reflectorising controls is not a requirement but it is nice. You would probably need more than this but you could copy these.

MTBO Clipper Set, Updated 20 Jul 15 by Michael

Kept by the MTBO Coordinators, at 206 Clyde St Island Bay, c/o Jenny Visser. These control codes are attached to dangly clippers on a string with a clothespeg on the end. These are suitable for non-electronic rogaines where you don't want to carry stakes, or MTBO where the clipper must reach a card tied onto the bike. There's a loop in the string to allow the easy attachment of the code on a small plate.

Changing the codes arounds allows various ways of labelling the controls, either with the control number, a rogaine-type score, or an arbitrary code as in pure orienteering.

There are 38 clippers at the date above, from an intended set of 40. One went missing near the Paekakariki urupa, and one must suspect actions from beyond the grave. The other was at the Waikanae rivermouth where the map clearly said was dry land (or at least sand) but when the collector arrived it had become ocean. However the ribbon was still on a log, are taniwhas sea-going, if not perhaps it lives in the river.

Amazingly, the set of number plates 1-105 is complete as at the date above, plus 10 blanks. The majority of the numbers are on a nifty holder arranged in 10's. The following numbers are currently attached to clippers, though this information is bound to be temporary: 11, 12, 13, 16, 21, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 31, 33, 34, 35, 37, 41, 42, 43, 53, 61, 62, 73, 74, 82, 83, 92, 93. There are 11 clippers with no numbers currently attached.

Also with the MTBO Coordinators are approx 25 pigtail stakes and 40 flags in average condition.

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