Eastbourne 2018Tue 20/11/2018 10:10 PM
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NB "mp" means a variety of things - from one wrong or missing control to did not finish or doing a different course from the one we told the computer.
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Combined Results
O-Max Course
  1. 19:22 Lynch Joseph Peninsula & Plains OMAX A
  2. 20:27 Short Conor Wellington OMAX B
  3. 22:03 Engleback Stuart Wellington OMAX D
  4. 22:05 Edwards Bill Hutt Valley OMAX D
  5. 22:21 Hanson Jake Wellington OMAX C
  6. 22:41 Williamson Felix Wellington OMAX C
  7. 25:32 Howard Alistair None OMAX B
  8. 25:54 Riddle Amber Hutt Valley OMAX C
  9. 26:11 Molloy Lara Wellington OMAX C
  10. 26:58 Edwards Kieran Hutt Valley OMAX C
  11. 27:33 Ramsden Tessa Red Kiwi OMAX D
  12. 27:43 Robertson John Hutt Valley OMAX A
  13. 28:18 Edwards Oliver Hutt Valley OMAX D
  14. 29:06 Molloy Ellie Wellington OMAX B
  15. 29:14 Molloy Rob Wellington OMAX C
  16. 30:36 Williamson Simon Wellington OMAX A
  17. 32:01 Vale Will Wellington OMAX A
  18. 32:12 Hendrie Rachel None OMAX A
  19. 33:58 Rea Simon Hutt Valley OMAX B
  20. 34:06 T C None OMAX D
  21. 34:09 Power William Wellington OMAX D
  22. 34:19 Middleton David Wellington OMAX C
  23. 37:43 Clarke Paul Wellington OMAX D
  24. 38:24 Riddle Alexandra Hutt Valley OMAX D
  25. 40:01 Middleton Sam Wellington OMAX B
  26. 48:11 Diamond Sarah None OMAX B
  27. 54:03 McKenzie James None OMAX A
  28. 63:33 Molloy Diana Wellington OMAX A
Short Course
  1. 20:12 Power Ali Wellington Short
  2. 21:12 Worsley Bruce Hutt Valley Short
  3. 24:30 Wood Michael Hutt Valley Short
  4. 25:24 Middleton Rachel Wellington Short
  5. 28:13 Sanna Francesca None Short
  6. MP (27:36) Bridger Barbara Hutt Valley Short
  7. MP (37:26) Power Matthew Wellington Short
OMAX A (7/7)Status of: 10:08 PM
1Joseph LynchPAPO Peninsula & Plains19:22
22John RobertsonOHV Hutt Valley27:43
3Simon WilliamsonWOC Wellington30:36
4Will ValeWOC Wellington32:01
51Rachel HendrieNone None32:12
6James McKenzieNone None54:03
7Diana MolloyWOC Wellington1:03:33
OMAX B (6/6)Status of: 10:08 PM
1Conor ShortWOC Wellington20:27
2Alistair HowardNone None25:32
3Ellie MolloyWOC Wellington29:06
4Simon ReaOHV Hutt Valley33:58
5Sam MiddletonWOC Wellington40:01
6Sarah DiamondNone None48:11
OMAX C (7/7)Status of: 10:08 PM
1Jake HansonWOC Wellington22:21
2Felix WilliamsonWOC Wellington22:41
3Amber RiddleOHV Hutt Valley25:54
4Lara MolloyWOC Wellington26:11
5Kieran EdwardsOHV Hutt Valley26:58
6Rob MolloyWOC Wellington29:14
7David MiddletonWOC Wellington34:19
OMAX D (8/8)Status of: 10:08 PM
1Stuart EnglebackWOC Wellington22:03
2Bill EdwardsOHV Hutt Valley22:05
3Tessa RamsdenRK Red Kiwi27:33
4Oliver EdwardsOHV Hutt Valley28:18
5C TNone None34:06
6William PowerWOC Wellington34:09
7Paul ClarkeWOC Wellington37:43
83Alexandra RiddleOHV Hutt Valley38:24
Short (7/7)Status of: 10:08 PM
1Ali PowerWOC Wellington20:12
2Bruce WorsleyOHV Hutt Valley21:12
3Michael WoodOHV Hutt Valley24:30
4Rachel MiddletonWOC Wellington25:24
5Francesca SannaNone None28:13
Barbara BridgerOHV Hutt Valleymp
Matthew PowerWOC Wellingtonmp