OHV Fieldwork Instructions for Sprint Maps
The Valley Floor series of Maps

After pioneering sprint orienteering for many years (no-one was doing it when we started O-Max) we successfully used the ordinary mapping specifications. In 2007 the IOF brought out special mapping specifications for sprints and orienteers are now quite used to them. We need to get our valley floor maps to comply. We have a series of abutting areas up the valley from Eastbourne to Te Marua, with an outlier at Kaitoke Campground. Small rural areas and steeper areas don't suit the sprint speci as well, and we'll continue to use the standard specifications for those, see Park Mapping for them.

So we have started "The Sprintify Project". The Mapping Officer is doing a "rough conversion" of the files so that the sprint symbols are there; and taken the chance to put the latest aerial photos in the background. The process is to complete the symbol conversion, and fix positioning errors caused by old photos not being as good. There will be a temptation to add extra detail because this is "the fashion", but it's very time-consuming - not so much in the field but in the drawing. The priority is to get the existing features in the right symbols and in the right place.

This page is adapted from our "Park Mapping" instructions with special mention of the changes, and will be gradually changed as we do more mapping under the sprint spec. Don't expect it to cover everything instantly.

The page was written by and updated on 28 May 17.