Route Gadget - An App for Re-Running your Course. From the Comfort of your PC!

Chapter 1: What is Route Gadget?

After an event, RouteGadget provides entertainment and ways to improve your orienteering by looking again at your course online. It makes use of information from other runners so you can see what they did better or worse than you. It shows leg split times for comparing times of different route types. You can also see all the other courses and the routes people took, and learn from them.

RouteGadget (aka RouteChoice) is a free online system and doesn't require any software download. For best use it does depend on a number of better and lesser runners on each course taking a couple of minutes once home to load their routes and comments.

It works like this. The event organizers post the results online as normal, and also put up separately the map for each course using RouteGadget. The list of runners is shown for each course. You select your course and name, then draw your route by clicking on the map across the screen, add your comments if any, then press Save. Easy! Anyone else can then open up RouteGadget and select your course and name to see how you did it. When a range of people have put their routes in, some interesting route choices, mistakes, etc, can be there to be marveled or laughed at (in a friendly way). This is a major step up from marking a route onto your map at home for only you to wonder about.

Next time we'll look at how to put routes in and move the map around. Following on, there are good features to know about. If you want to try exploring it now anyway, here is the site -

PS. The Sun 22 Mar 2015 CSW/1 event at Kaitoke is up on RouteGadget here.

In this case, although people's routes are showing correctly, because of the missing Sportident boxes, some features like Animation are not fully operational. At time of writing, three people (marked by *) have put their routes into the Orange Long course. To view, choose Orange Long course, click on one or more of those three names, then click View routes.


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