Route Gadget - An App for Re-Running your Course. From the Comfort of your PC!

Chapter 2: Putting in Your Route

The more individuals who add their course route into RouteGadget, the better the gadget becomes for that course. Here are the simple steps for putting in a route.

Find the event listed in RouteGadget - If a small blue circular i icon appears beside the event listing, that will have comments from the event organizers. Then -

  • Click the event title - the map comes up on the screen Click the box Draw your route at top-right. (And it's best to leave the Snap on/off box ticked)
  • Select your course and your name.
The course now loads onto the map with a blue line leading from the start triangle to the first control, circled in blue. Starting with the cursor at the start triangle, click along your route to the control, leaving a red trail. When you reach the centre of the control circle, the blue guide line snaps to the next control, and so on.

Made an error? Click the Undo box; each click goes back a step. You stopped a while? Say to help someone or just to plan ahead; click the +3 box, each click adds 3 seconds. Then carry on.

When at the finish, don't click Save yet. First type into the unlabelled blank box below your name any comments and excuses you'd like to make, like "Good course, but I got tangled in supplejack in the green on leg 4. Then fell in the stream." You can even add the comments as you put in the route. Now click Save and it's done!

If you have a GPS, you can upload its recorded track to RouteGadget.

Controlling the map magnification and moving the map around just needs a bit of trial and error. Try various things like using the +/- button top left, the mouse scroll wheel, the sideways double headed blue arrow at right of the map, dragging the map, etc.

You can practise on an old event in RouteGadget. Choose the name of a person who didn't enter a route and click in what you would have done (they'll never know, or you could do an apology in the comments box, or just don't save).

Next time we'll look at interesting ways for viewing other people's routes, and for running people against each other.

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