Route Gadget - An App for Re-Running your Course. From the Comfort of your PC!

Chapter 3: Viewing Someone Else's Route

Viewing the routes of others in Route Gadget is where the interest lies, so here's how to see them

Open the event you want from the Route Gadget event list,

  • Click the down arrow at Select class/course, and select the course of interest, which loads onto the map.
  • An asterisk (*) shows beside persons who have been in and saved their route.
  • Select such a person and click View routes. Their route as they remembered it shows in red.
  • Click View comments to see if he or she had any. Hovering the cursor over any leg route shows the runner's split time for the leg. A table of split times shows top right as well.
For animation -
  • Select your runner.
  • Click Load animation - option boxes appear at the right.
  • Click Start and watch the red bead move along the route they say they ran. (GPS tracking might have known otherwise!)
  • Try the buttons for controlling speed, etc.
A tick in the Dim box makes the map fade for showing the plotted route more prominently. A matter of preference. Ticking the Routes box gets the routes to display or not. You might not want routes showing when playing animations. It is not clear just what the three Theme options provide over and above what's already been seen.

Random note: There is a small sideways chevron at top right of the map pane. Use it to toggle on/off the organizer's information panel and the Touch mode option that sometimes get in the way superimposed over the top part of the map. (For Touch mode you need a touch screen.)

Next time we'll look at selecting several people at once for analysing their decisions and exploits - including animating them to run against each other (this can include you).

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