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Chapter 4: Viewing Several Routes at Once - Animation

This time on RouteGadget we are ready to view the routes of several people doing the same course. Seeing what multiple people did can reveal alternative route choices you might not have considered or even realized. As you ponder on runners' decisions and what then eventuated you can pick up useful insights.

And it can also just be simply entertaining to set up a mass-start animation and watch the runners compete among themselves around the course. People sometimes own up to crazy route antics! SportIdent split times move the runners at their own speeds on each leg, often resulting in positions see-sawing until the end.

Open the event from the RouteGadget event list,

  • Use Select class/course and open the course of interest.
  • Select several people who have an asterisk.
  • Click View comments to see if any of them had any.
  • Click View routes. Their routes show as jumbled coloured spaghetti around the course.
OK, you might not want so much jumble, so adjust the number of people selected and click View Routes again to refresh. Hover over a person's route to see their split time for the leg and their time difference from the fastest of the selected runners; value (0.0) means that person won the leg.

If next you decide to run an animation, it may be better to un-tick the Routes box so as to reduce the visual clutter. For animation -

  • Select your runners.
  • Is clearer not to use View Routes.
  • Click Load animation - option boxes appear at the right.
  • Leave it on Mass Start.
  • Move the map as necessary to get the start triangle visible on screen.
  • Click Start and watch the coloured beads move around the course.
  • Use the buttons for controlling speed, etc.
With animation you can also include runners who haven't loaded their route, they just run straight lines but see-saw in position along with the others in accordance with their split times.

Random note: You are unable to change what you have traced for your own course once you have Saved. So before saving think what you might have forgotten about and use the Undo button as necessary. Otherwise, to make a change you will need to contact the organizing club person who set the event up in RouteGadget.

Next time we'll look at other very useful things you can do with RouteGadget.

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