Route Gadget - An App for Re-Running your Course. From the Comfort of your PC!

Chapter 5: Animation Bells and Whistles

So far on RouteGadget we have seen how to put in one's own route, how to view others' routes, and how to watch animations. This time we will look at analytical information that can be gleaned from the system, and cover a few incidentals. Remember, NZ RouteGadget is at

Animation variations -

Random note: You will only see RouteGadget for events that have used electronic punching (Sportident) - the software doesn't work without a split-times file. And then you have to hope that the event organisers arranged for someone with still enough time and energy after the event to set it up online straight away.

SplitsBrowser: After you have selected runners in RouteGadget and pressed either Routes or Animation, a table of split times appears, and in there you see a link to SplitsBrowser. This provides graphical presentation of runners' progress through the course based on their split times. Across the top of the graph are options for choice of course and how you would like the graph presented, and down the side you choose the runners you want. I suggest having a play with the settings to see what is possible. SplitsBrowser can also be accessed directly from the RouteGadget list of events.

Now you do it. You've seen how RouteGadget works so enjoy using it! And please do plot your own performance, no matter how good or bad, whenever RouteGadget goes up, don't be shy. Let's hope we get increasing numbers of events put up online.

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