Riverbank 2017Wed 22/02/2017 10:05 p.m.
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NB "mp" means a variety of things - from one wrong or missing control to did not finish or doing a different course from the one we told the computer. Contact for any queries.
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Long (37)3.0 km 0 m23 C
1Bill EdwardsOHV Orienteering Hutt ValleyL17:39
2Joseph LynchOTH OtherL17:56
3Liam KendrewNEWL Newlands CollegeL19:02
4Seb DaellenbachWOC WellingtonL19:24
5Sean BardsleyWOC WellingtonL20:08
6Michael BaughenL20:41
7Nicholas MooreWOC WellingtonL20:46
8Andrew RiddleOHV Orienteering Hutt ValleyL21:11
9Asa SundOTH OtherL21:31
10Rowan SinclairOTH OtherL21:48
11Daniel SundWOC WellingtonL22:38
12Michael WoodOHV Orienteering Hutt ValleyL22:55
13William PowerWOC WellingtonL23:39
1411111Alexandra RiddleOHV Orienteering Hutt ValleyL24:05
15Oliver EdwardsOHV Orienteering Hutt ValleyL24:45
16Rebecca GrantWOC WellingtonL24:56
17Steve MooreOTH OtherL25:44
18Matthew StarkNEWL Newlands CollegeL26:01
19Lachlan McKenzieOTH OtherL26:13
20Nic GormanL26:25
21Brian HallinanOHV Orienteering Hutt ValleyL26:33
22Harriet BaxterHB Hawkes BayL26:40
23Dick DinsdaleWOC WellingtonL26:58
24Orsi VinczeOTH OtherL27:07
25Bill TrompetterOTH OtherL28:23
26Karen GrantWOC WellingtonL29:31
27Te rangihuia GilgenNEWL Newlands CollegeL29:48
28Melker SundOTH OtherL30:35
29Don LockeWOC WellingtonL31:09
30Kate DaellenbachWOC WellingtonL36:40
31Andrew BoothL38:23
Kieran EdwardsOHV Orienteering Hutt ValleyLmp
Seb McbrideNEWL Newlands CollegeLmp
Reuben AllenNEWL Newlands CollegeLmp
Alla SunnergrenOTH OtherLmp
Liz WebleyOTH OtherLmp
Tom KearnsWOC WellingtonLdnf
Short (13)2.4 km 0 m18 C
1Amber RiddleCHIL Chilton St JamesS18:37
2Mike OconnorWOC WellingtonS20:43
3Bruce WorsleyOHV Orienteering Hutt ValleyS22:57
4Coren LockhartOTH OtherS36:09
5Alex RickardNEWL Newlands CollegeS36:12
6Max MawbyNEWL Newlands CollegeS42:02
7Amy BoothOTH OtherS45:15
8Barbara BridgerWOC WellingtonS46:20
911112Vicki HuangOTH OtherS48:22
Beverly HolderWOC WellingtonSmp
Alexander JackOTH OtherSmp
Kate WillimanOTH OtherSmp
Hannah StarkOTH OtherSmp