Last-Minute Matters, 13 May 2011

Welcome to another big Safari! As we write there's a total of 175 teams with 540 people! Most popular as always: the family section of the 3-hour with 48 teams! Second the mixed section of the 6hr with the 3hr mixed close behind.

Some practical hints that will make the day go better. The weather forecast has a front with rain coming through in the morning, followed by a nice afternoon. The exact timing of this is uncertain of course, so come with raincoats. You'll be able to plan under the big eaves of the buildings or in the Latitude 41 Cafe or the Chicago Bar. And hopefully it will get better as you go and you can enjoy the pizza and snacks afterwards.

The ferry to Seatoun can’t run in certain conditions, and we’ll let you know by signage on the day. There are other ways to get to Seatoun of course! If you want to change from 6 hours to 3 hours that’s no problem, just turn up at the later time.

Three-hour teams: there are lots of you, if you can arrive earlier than 11am it will spread the load on check-in. We’ll be ready for you from 10:30 if not before. And it would help if just the leader did the check-in and map/scorecard/vest pickup, or two people if you’ve got a really big team. It will let you get your maps quicker. If you have any questions, team changes, anything out of the ordinary, look for the “Help” desk so you don’t hold up the rest.

Those of you with smartphones that can access the internet on the move, check out "Real Time Information" in the Advice section. Even if you don't, its worth looking at it from home as a sign of things to come!

Finally, if you haven’t read the “Detailed information” on the website, have a look before Sunday. See you then!

Best regards, Michael Wood
Orienteering Hutt Valley/Metlink City Safari Ph 566 2645


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