CSW Series #1/2017 Maidstone Park 5 Mar 17As at Sun 5/03/2017 6:32 p.m.
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NB "mp" means a variety of things - from one wrong or missing control to did not finish or doing a different course from the one we told the computer.
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Senior Boys Championship (9)3.2 km 0 m23 C
1Luke WhiteheadWLCO Wellington College28:01
2Liam KendrewNEWL Newlands College28:21
3Rowan SinclairOTH Other29:01
4Joseph LynchWLCO Wellington College29:22
5Seb DaellenbachWOC Wellington30:25
6Kieran EdwardsOHV Orienteering Hutt Valley31:01
7Nicholas MooreONSL Onslow College31:20
8Edward TwomeyWLCO Wellington College35:52
9Matthew StarkOTH Other42:03
Senior Girls Championship (4)3.2 km 0 m23 C
1Marina ComeskeyWOC Wellington26:54
2Amber RiddleCHIL Chilton St James31:52
3Josephine ReevesCHIL Chilton St James35:38
4Brooke CarpenterWEGC Wellington East Girls54:14
Intermediate Boys Championship (12)2.1 km 0 m17 C
1Oliver EdwardsHIBS HIBS19:57
2Seb McbrideNEWL Newlands College21:03
3Reuben AllenNEWL Newlands College21:15
4Olaf BakerWOC Wellington21:32
5Patrick ComeskeyOTH Other24:09
6Leevi BomanWLHS Wellington High School26:13
7Josh CorryWLCO Wellington College26:15
8Te rangihuia GilgenNEWL Newlands College31:47
9Jack HarmanPARA Paraparaumu College33:33
10Andrew BoothWLCO Wellington College35:10
11Luke CarpenterWLCO Wellington College35:35
12William SmithHIBS HIBS37:53
Intermediate Girls Championship (7)2.1 km 0 m17 C
1Sarah PrzychodzkoPARA Paraparaumu College22:52
2Sophie SmithOTH Other27:56
3Peyton MoreteKAPI Kapiti College28:17
4Lauren KendonWLGC Wellington Girls College28:22
5Emma WatsonONSL Onslow College32:04
6Olivia HealeyOHV Orienteering Hutt Valley40:34
7Nicole MaddiganCHIL Chilton St James43:08
Senior Girls Standard (4)2.1 km 0 m17 C
1Tara KendonWLGC Wellington Girls College24:18
2Nyah ParbhuWLGC Wellington Girls College25:42
3Caitlin DouglassWLGC Wellington Girls College26:32
4Lydia HareWEGC Wellington East Girls49:03
Y78 Boys Very Experienced (2)2.1 km 0 m17 C
1Alan TeesdaleRARO Raroa Intermediate27:12
2Jean-pierre SwartNEWI Newlands Intermediate1:13:08
Junior Boys Championship (14)1.5 km 0 m14 C
1Anthony KendrewSCOT Scotts College11:18
2Tom BoersONSL Onslow College12:22
3Joshua HenshawONSL Onslow College12:43
4Jack BraddickONSL Onslow College12:55
5Alexander JackNEWL Newlands College13:43
6Will GulliverWLHS Wellington High School16:41
7Jack GarrWLCO Wellington College17:34
8Reed SmoutWLCO Wellington College17:37
9Nicholas HarmanPARA Paraparaumu College18:34
10Max MawbyNEWL Newlands College20:44
11Alex ForganONSL Onslow College23:21
12Jack Beaton-GoodaleONSL Onslow College24:20
13Ilya KozintsovONSL Onslow College28:33
Alex RickardOTH Othermp
Junior Girls Championship (5)1.5 km 0 m14 C
1Jessica PrzychodzkoPARA Paraparaumu College11:08
2Sarah ClarkeONSL Onslow College14:37
3Catherine ConnollyOHV Orienteering Hutt Valley19:45
4Hannah StarkWOC Wellington21:08
5Nicole QuWLGC Wellington Girls College25:33
Intermediate Boys Standard (1)1.5 km 0 m14 C
1Nathan MulliganONSL Onslow College22:28
Intermediate Girls Standard (10)1.5 km 0 m14 C
1Kate TwomeyWLGC Wellington Girls College14:19
2Emily HorncastleWLGC Wellington Girls College14:53
3Elizabeth NahuONSL Onslow College15:41
4Holly HodgkinsonWLGC Wellington Girls College15:42
5Nicole MaddiganCHIL Chilton St James17:59
6Shivani ParbhuWLGC Wellington Girls College18:56
7Emily OldhamOTH Other19:27
8Lucy GriggsKAPI Kapiti College19:44
9Emily ButlerONSL Onslow College24:31
Olivia CowleyONSL Onslow Collegemp
Senior Boys Novice (1)1.5 km 0 m14 C
1Darwisy LokmanWLCO Wellington College16:03
Senior Girls Novice (6)1.5 km 0 m14 C
1Julianne ManuguidONSL Onslow College11:59
2Caitlin MeynellONSL Onslow College12:19
3Tasmin Leonard-PatersonWLGC Wellington Girls College17:25
4Vicki HuangOTH Other18:11
5201Brianna McGhiePARA Paraparaumu College28:13
6Sonia MansonPARA Paraparaumu College28:17
Y78 Boys Championship (2)1.5 km 0 m14 C
1Matthew CrawfordWADE Wadestown13:17
2Stephen ClarkeNTHL Northland15:53
Y78 Girls Championship (5)1.5 km 0 m14 C
1Rebecca ConnollyOHV Orienteering Hutt Valley15:57
2Maegan HodgkinsonNTHL Northland18:57
3Georgina SmithCHIL Chilton St James22:01
4Amy BoothOTAR Otari School24:26
5Erin O'ShannessyCHIL Chilton St James46:20
Primary Boys Championship (1)1.5 km 0 m14 C
1Liam ButlerCHUR Churton Park Primary25:36
Primary Girls Championship (1)1.5 km 0 m14 C
1Larissa EdwardsOHV Orienteering Hutt Valley21:25
Junior Boys Standard (1)1.1 km 0 m16 C
1Al Fox13:48
Junior Girls Standard (1)1.1 km 0 m16 C
1Heather DarbyOHV Orienteering Hutt Valley13:44
Primary Boys Standard (1)1.1 km 0 m16 C
1Tom GulliverOTH Other11:56
Orange Long (26)3.2 km 0 m23 C
1Yvette BakerWOC Wellington30:35
2Michael BaughenOTH Other31:16
3Katie HillWOC Wellington32:17
4Andrew RiddleOHV Orienteering Hutt Valley32:44
5Nic GormanOTH Other34:33
6Ellie MolloyWOC Wellington35:07
7Darryl CarpenterWOC Wellington35:51
7Paul Teesdale-SpittleOTH Other35:51
9Cameron GrantWOC Wellington36:24
10Phil KendonWOC Wellington39:15
11Harriette CarrOHV Orienteering Hutt Valley39:18
12Eeva BomanOHV Orienteering Hutt Valley39:19
13Dave ThorburnOTH Other40:09
14Karen GrantWOC Wellington41:34
15Gerald CrawfordWOC Wellington42:58
16Michael WoodOHV Orienteering Hutt Valley43:57
17Kathy PerreauWOC Wellington45:28
18Mike OConnorWOC Wellington45:53
19Steve MooreOTH Other47:29
20Don LockeWOC Wellington48:09
21Sonya ReevesOHV Orienteering Hutt Valley1:00:33
22Bruce WorsleyOHV Orienteering Hutt Valley1:07:46
Caspar HarmerOTH Othermp
Ann KendonWOC Wellingtonmp
Bill TrompetterOHV Orienteering Hutt Valleymp
Megan DavidsonOTH Othermp
Orange Short (13)2.1 km 0 m17 C
1David DarbyOHV Orienteering Hutt Valley24:40
2James Harman27:47
3Tony BoothOTH Other29:21
4Anna EnglebackWOC Wellington32:58
5Tim HodgkinsonOHV Orienteering Hutt Valley36:22
6204Robyn MourieRK Red Kiwis38:55
7Kyle GardnerOTH Other39:08
8Gail IvesWOC Wellington46:22
9Ruth Berry48:03
10Andrew BraddickOTH Other48:04
11Simon ComeskeyWOC Wellington56:47
12Barbara BridgerOHV Orienteering Hutt Valley1:09:58
13Hayden SwartOTH Other1:13:15
Yellow (9)1.5 km 0 m14 C
1203Rachel BakerWOC Wellington13:16
2200Adam BakerWOC Wellington14:03
3Heather DarbyOHV Orienteering Hutt Valley14:07
4Steve OShannessyOTH Other14:31
5Erica HodgkinsonOHV Orienteering Hutt Valley19:17
6Sarah ReynoldsOTH Other21:14
7Angelina HutchinsCHIL Chilton St James25:28
8Kath OconnorWOC Wellington31:12
202Nigel CorryWOC Wellingtonmp
White (5)1.1 km 0 m16 C
1Lucy Wills24:43
2Emma WillsOTH Other26:52
3Gerry SmithOTH Other31:26
4Radhika DhanjiCHIL Chilton St James52:39
Roderick OconnorRARO Raroa Intermediatednf