Wellington MTBO Series 2009

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Event #4
St Pats Forest, 13 Sep 09

C1 and C2 used the forest, with either 2 or 3 optional controls worth a generous 30min off your time. In a departure from the norm the course could be done clockwise or anticlock. The forest tracks were in good nick though yesterday's rain made some parts entertaining. The trees are becoming very open in many parts which raises tantalising thoughts of making more tracks - but the loggers have started at the north end:-(( And any foot-orienteers reading this - the best bits are around 3-400m elevation!

C3 was on the riverbank and through UH College and Trentham Memorial Park. In fact there's just as much navigational challenge down on the flat because decisions come at you much quicker!

Net time after subtracting 30min per optional control (B)

Course planner and Barryn Westfield. With help putting out controls from Gordon McDonald and Odette Ford Brierley, and on the day from the above plus Colin Slater, Paul Chaplow, Michael Wood, Paul and Helen. Access by kind permission of St Pats College Silverstream, Forestry Enterprises Ltd, Thomas and Isobel Bongers, Upper Hutt City Council. Participants 33.

Event #3
Waitarere Forest, 16 Aug 09

This event was run by our sister club Red Kiwi Orienteers, using electronic punching and timing. The software produces ready-made result webpages so instead of piling them up here, we link to them there.

The system has the potential to enable a lot of comparisons, both numerical and graphical. (However it doesn't explain why a "casual" rider on C1 got a faster time than anyone else, or why there are two Sam Bamfords - we'll have to wait for the course planner to get back from a few days away - OHV webmaster.)

Event #2
Belmont Regional Park, 19 Jul 09

The top two open men from Round 1 were on the sideline for #2: they planned the courses! Simon Kennett and John Randal set C1 and C2 as 8 or 9 fixed-order controls, with the rest of the card optional for a 4-minute bonus! First back after the massed start were Marco Renalli on C2 (85min) and Bryce Lorcet 21min later on C1. But the application of greater bonuses gave the open win to Tom Bradshaw, and the veteran title to his dad Anthony - so the choice of optional controls was crucial.

From the woolshed in Stratton St the long course went up to Belmont Trig and the dress circle, while C2 headed into bush tracks in the suburbs before climbing up Hill Road to the airstrip. The last compulsory controls were on the Old Coach Road. There was also a Course 3: a 60-minute score event. The weather was brilliant, and though some of the tracks were soft as is usual for this time of year, riders were very happy on return.

Vet woman Jo Holden has notched up two wins now, while Simon Kennett and Ant Bradshaw also have 50 points as a result of planning. Danyon Graham and Graeme Silcock lead the Junior and Supervet classes, and Rachel Ockelford and Vicki Connor share the womens lead. This could well change on the flat tracks of Waitarere Forest (16 Aug), and again in the final round where the regulars will be able to discard their worst result.

The most popular optional controls (visits in brackets):
Course 1: 10(2) 11(2) 12(3) 13(2) 14(2) 15(2) 16(0) 17(0) 18(2) 19(2) 20(2) 21(0) 22(0) 23(0) 24(1) 25(3) 26(2)
Course 2: 1(1) 2(1) 3(1) 4(1) 5(1) 6(1) 7(8) 8(20) 9(22) 10(22) 11(16) 12(1) 13(1) 14(1) 15(17) 16(20) 17(14) 18(19)
Yes you're right - one crazy C2 rider went for the lot, missing only #6. Well done Ian!

Results (updated 20 Jul)
B=Bonus at 4min per control

Course planner and John Randal. With help on the day from Michael Wood and Jason Barclay. Access by kind permission of Greater Wellington Regional Council. Participants 33.

Event #1
Wrights Hill/Long Gully 21 Jun 09

Ant Bradshaw and Craig Starnes kicked off the MTBO series with a tough score event with 27 controls spread from the bottom of the Sanctuary pretty well to Cook Strait. The wintry weather didn't make it any easier, but it stayed dry and there were even a few rays of sun.

Just how tough was illustrated by Simon Kennett's winning score - exactly half the points on offer. He ignored the big-pointers in the south (apart from 21 and 22) and mopped up pretty-well everything else. As did Bill Edwards - runners were invited as well and amazingly Edwards was only 10 points (one small control) behind Kennett.

Vet rider Stephen Coppard was on the next step with John Randal; and vet woman Jo Holden beat the small open women's class. Good to see four junior men, in addition to Tom Bradshaw who rides competitively in open; where he was 4th.

Kennett and Randal are planning the next event, so the way is open for others to take the top slots. It will be in Belmont Regional Park on 19 July, starting at the Stratton St road-end.

Results (updated 22 Jun)

Course planner and Craig Starnes. With help on the day from Michael Wood. Access by kind permission of Long Gully Farm and Wellington City Council. Participants 52.

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