Wellington MTBO Series 2011

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Event #4
Queen Elizabeth Park, 17 Sep 11

We had it all today. The Waterfront. The Cloud. The Trams. And a massive crowd at Knobbly Central. Murray McCully just give Steve Meeres a call if you ever need a hand.

29 controls in Queen Elizabeth Park from Raumati to Paekakariki. Singletrack through the wetland and remnant forest. Freedom to ride off-track for a big chunk. Or wend your way through the gaps in the gorse helpfully indicated by green lines. The odd control under a bridge. And the piece de resistance, a control up Steve's driveway with refreshments set out for thirsty riders.

Nice one Steve, a great finish to the series, and another new MTBO area for the future. Well done to the series winners: John Randal (OM) Charlotte Ireland (OW) David King (VM) and by 0.1 of a point Jenny Cossey (VW). Bit thin in the juniors but Matt Turner was the most regular.

Its the "away" season now: some off to Oz in a cpouple of weeks; Great Forest Rogaine at Rotovegas 12 Nov; Otago MTBO Carnival/NZ Champs Jan 10-14. Awesome riding at Roxburgh, Alex, Wanaka and Cardrona. The Ak Attack next year will be incorporated in Waitangi21, a weekend of rogaining 4-6 Feb. Diary them now.

Results by Class

Ties are broken by finish time; for computing series points, riders who visited all controls get their score factored up to 120 minutes and this is shown in [square brackets]. L=Lateness penalty, M=Mapper's discount.

All-In Results

  1. David King, WOC (VM 102-20) 640 [750.5]
  2. John Randal, OHV (OM 102-20) 640 [750.5]
  3. Liam Drew, OHV (OM 105-50) 640 [725.7]
  4. Ian Paintin, OHV (OM 111-30) 640 [688.8]
  5. Ant Bradshaw, OHV (VM 115-19) 640 [666.0]
  6. Greg Thurlow, WOC (OM 117-00) 640 [656.4]
  7. Graeme Silcock, OHV (VM) 620
  8. Mike Fee, OHV (VM 113-58) 600
  9. Dirk Naish, HVMBC (VM 114-12) 600
  10. Raymond Morgan (VM 116-40) 560
  11. Jenny Cossey, OHV (VW) 560
  12. Dick Dinsdale, WOC (VM 114-38) 550
  13. Michael Wood, OHV (VM 118-00) 600-60M=540
  14. Jim Sutherland, OHV (VM 119-45) 520
  15. Jens Jakobsen, WOC (OM 114-38) 500
  16. Jenny Visser, OHV (VW 115-30) 500
  17. Sarah Underwood/William Power Relay, WOC (Rec 117-20) 490
  18. Charlotte Ireland, OHV (OW 119-58) 490
  19. Rachel Drew, OHV (OW) 480
  20. Martin Bayly (OM 115-00) 470
  21. Andrew Flint, OHV (VM 115-40) 470
  22. Paul Wilson (OM 115-50) 470
  23. Ian McCabe, HVMBC (VM 114-00) 460
  24. Jo Holden, OHV (VW 116-30) 450
  25. Chris Sherwood, OHV (VM 116-30) 450
  26. John Barber, HVMBC (VM 119-59) 450
  27. Jarred Duncan, HVMBC (JM 112-20) 440
  28. Andrew Duncan, HVMBC (OM 112-20) 440
  29. Hilary Miller (OW 113-12) 440
  30. Paul Teesdale-Spittle, WOC (VM 119-10) 430
  31. Howard Symmes (VM 110-20) 420
  32. Jo Goudie (OW 119-00) 420
  33. Nick Lowe (OM? 119-00) 420
  34. Matty Turner, WOC (JM 116-00) 410
  35. Gavin Scott, OHV (VM 119-00) 390
  36. Simon Rea, OHV (VM 107-00) 370
  37. Luke Duncan, HVMBC (JM 105-00) 360
  38. Finley MacDonald (JM 105-00) 360
  39. G Atkin, HVMBC (VM 104-00) 350
  40. Wheely Tired (Grp 109-27) 350
  41. Janice Meeres (VW 115-00) 330
  42. Erica Hindle, Viv Holmes, Adele Smith (Grp 118-20) 330
  43. Steve MacGregor (117-00) 300
  44. Tom Clarkson (VM 122-00) 340-20L=300
  45. David Grant (116-05) 280
  46. Ben O'Sullivan, Sarah Gray, WOC (Grp 75-00) 260

Course planner With help on the day from Jan Meeres, Gordon McDonald, Michael Wood, and I think some others on the BBQ. Access by kind permission of Greater Wellington Regional Council, and the farmer leaseholders for areas not normally public. Participants 52.

Event #3
St Pats Forest 14 Aug 11

Just ahead of the chainsaws and a southerly blast, a small field of riders enjoyed perhaps the last ride in St Pats Forest for a while. And in quite nice conditions, those who stayed tucked up in front of the fire take note! In fact the only ones to see any snow were the course planners who were pulling the controls in as the front arrived!

Starting at the Silverstream Bridge, courses used culverts under SH2 to get into the forest. C1 climbed up to Mt Cecil (417m) via new tracks in Keith George Memorial Park, while C2 got there more directly via the quarry entrance just to the north. Tracks around the summit stirred up by quad bikes provided a sticky challenge. C3 used the 150m mini-mountain next to the highway for its challenge.

The final event in the series on 18 Sep will scale the mountains of Queen Elizabeth Park at Paekakariki. It will be planned by Ian Paintin and Steve Meeres.


Course 1

20km 550mm climb

Open Men

  1. John Randal, OHV, 115-57
  2. Liam Drew, OHV, 122-43
  3. Ian Paintin, OHV, 141-09
  4. Glen Warner, 154-46
  5. Mark Hearfield, OHV, 181-15
  6. Nick Lowe, card's in the car somewhere:-)

Course 2

13km, 450m climb

Course 3

6km, climb 150m

  1. Georgia Wedd (foot) 45-00
  2. Paul Teesdale-Spittle, WOC, 57-49
  3. Matthew Turner, WOC, 58-06

Course planner and Jenny Visser. With help on the day from Michael Wood. Access by kind permission of Upper Hutt City Council, St Pats College Silverstream, Forest Enterprises, Thomas Bongers and Ian Orsborne. Participants 22.

Event #2
West Wind (Makara) 17 Jul 11

A hundred people turned up today to ride the 2-hour score course on the new wind farm at Makara, planned by Simon Kennett and John Randal. It's generally accepted that getting all controls should be "just" out of reach, and they arranged this perfectly: Ian Paintin missed a 20-pointer, Liam Drew missed a 10 but was late!

They judged the weather perfectly too - maybe with the help of Saint Swithin!

The riding included big roads made to service the windmills; grassy farm tracks; and some singletrack commissioned by Meridian which will soon be made public. At the northern end of the windfarm they have prepared the visitor facilities we used such as carpark, toilets and signage, and we think there are just some legal things to tie up before they can be officially opened.

So here are the results. We've found one or two counting errors, and had to make some guesses about teams. (Shoulda had only one card per team.) If you spot anything wrong, It's only really important where it affects the Wellington series (though it may affect bragging rights!)

The 3rd event in the series is at St Pats Forest Upper Hutt on 14 August. St Pats proper is falling to the chainsaw disease, but we have permission from adjoining landowners so the courses will have a different feel from the past - starting in County Lane near the Golf Driving Range. But before then, consider this excuse to visit Rotorua in a couple of weeks time!

See top two routes below.


2 Hours Overall

  1. Ian Paintin, OHV, 910
  2. Liam Drew, OHV, 920 -20L =900
  3. Andy King, 880
  4. Ant Bradshaw, OHV, 870
  5. Jamie Brigham-Watson, WOC, 860
  6. Greg Thurlow, WOC, 840
  7. David King, WOC, 810
  8. Peter Mora, PNP, 810
  9. Graeme Silcock, OHV, 810 -10L =800
  10. Andrew McLellan, 790
  11. Ali Quinn, Matt Farrar 790
  12. Alex Revell, 830 -50L =780
  13. Ramash Swamy, OHV, 780 -10L =770
  14. Tor Madsen, 720
  15. Mike Fee, 720
  16. Bill Brierley, 720
  17. Liv and Wal, 700
  18. Colin Slater, 730
  19. Ian McCabe, HVMBC, 680
  20. James Brown, 670
  21. Jono Walter, 670
  22. James Cooney, 650
  23. Jenny Cossey, HVMBC, 650
  24. Malcolm Robbins, 640 -10L =630
  25. David Robbins, 640 -10L =630
  26. Sheila Hart, 620
  27. Chris Sherwood, OHV, 620
  28. Jo Holden, OHV, 620
  29. Rob van der Poel, OHV, 620
  30. John Unwin, 620
  31. Tom Clarkson, James Pettengell 620
  32. Charlotte Ireland, 610
  33. Paul Chaplow, Rachael, Kether, 600
  34. Steve Meeres, HVMBC, 610 -10L =600
  35. Michael Wood, 660 -66M =594
  36. Jude Young, Rachel Drew, 590
  37. Kether Gati Team, 580
  38. Stephen Betts, 570
  39. Pat Hogan, 570
  40. Gordon MacDonald, HVMBC, 560
  41. Nathan Frost, Heather Todd, Sharon McKeown (same team?) 540
  42. Grant Atkin, HVMBC, 530
  43. Julie Williams, Thomas Erholm, 530
  44. Stephen Parker, Vicki Connor, 520
  45. Leigh Halkett, Ash (Revolve) 480
  46. Michael Payne, P Holmes (same team?) 480
  47. Jeff Owens Team 490 -10L =480
  48. Jim Sutherland, OHV, 500 -20L =480
  49. Dirk Naish, HVMBC, 470
  50. Liz Garvie Team 490 -20L =470
  51. Laura Livesey, Dave Livesey 450
  52. Shane Wetzel, 430
  53. Mark Fitzgerald, 400
  54. Andrew Flint, OHV, 400
  55. Penny Thomson, Megan Bain 400
  56. Nadia Coombe, 390
  57. Dervla Hayes, 390
  58. Sue Slater, Anna McDonnell (same team?) 380
  59. Matthew Turner, WOC, 370
  60. Nessa Lynch, Stephen Wallace, 370
  61. Sarah Drake, 350
  62. Sally Boyd Team, 350
  63. Stephanie Gibson Team, 350
  64. Grant Calvert Team, 350
  65. Geraldine Back, WOC, 350
  66. Sarah Gray, Ben O'Sullivan, Anna Hodel, WOC, 330
  67. Jo Goudie, 300
  68. Mack Thompson, 400 -90L =310
  69. Sarah Jardine, 300
  70. Carol Shand, Jan Nesbit, had a picnic

By Class

1 Hour

  1. William Power, WOC, 220

Course planners and Simon Kennett. With help before the day from Steven Peters and Jo Goudie, and help on the day from Ed and Dave Randal, Amy Gomm, Sarah Drake, Andrew McLellan, Graeme Silcock and Michael Wood. Access by kind permission of Meridian Energy. Participants 96.

Top Routes

Ian's route: 31, 12, 33, 35, 53, 36, 27, 28, 38, 54, 42, 37, 71, 101, 34, 23, 25, 41, 61, 26, 52, 24, 51, 21, 32, 11. Ran out of time to do 22. In his words...

I decided early on that the climb to 71 (green line) would be hell and I reckoned I'd be able to ride at least half of the descent which proved broadly right. Hence I decided to ride clock wise (south along the top, west to towards the coast then north). Burped the front tire cornering on some cattle ruts around 27 and this cost me some time as I put air back into the tire.

(After the green line and heading up the deep valley) I had a sifty at 41 on the way to 61 as I wanted to assess the hill climb from a riding point of view with a mind to how I would attack 52. From that sifty, I [incorrectly] decided a short brutal climb to 52 was going to be quicker than taking the Opau track.

I made a mistake in climbing the fence line to 52 (from near 23) rather than taking the track to the south (near 25). The track around to 24 was so good that I would have been faster riding up from the south [assuming it was of similar status to the track around 24] and then dropping down the short distance to 52.

To me this event was almost like the mountain bike races I normally race in; the windmills were like huge arrows! Finished on time.

Liam's route: 31, 12, 35, 53, 36, 27, 28, 38, 54, 42, 37, 71, 101, 34, 23, 25, 26, 61, 41, 52, 24, 51, 21, 32, 22, 33. Almost the same except except for passing up 33 early on, and at the end.

Route in words, south along the top (but missing 33 in the bush to his eventual regret) west towards the coast and down through the scrub to the little beach; south up the deep valley and out again; up the fenceline and along the lower singletrack, out to the gunsites, south down the ridge from the barracks site and back up again, upper singletrack (missing the #11 at the northern turbine) and finally out and back to #33. 2min late.

Event #1
Wellington Windmill 18 Jun 11

In the last couple of years there's been quite a bit of track-making in the Polhill Reserve and up beyond the windmill. For the first event in the 2011 MTBO Series Ant Bradshaw and Jim Sutherland planned fixed-order courses that made the most of the long narrow area. And caught out a few top guns who didn't see the purple crosses designed to keep you off the roads!

Riding mates and MTBO rivals Simon Kennett and John Randal, not to mention Junior World representative Tom Bradshaw all used Karepa Street to reach a control low down in Polhill Reserve, and on realising, declared themselves invalid. Pity, as the course was won by top XC rider Tim Wilding and it would have been interesting to compare his time with the more experienced mapreaders. Liam Drew was just 3min behind Wilding.

David King won Course 2 which didn't go so far down (or up) the hill, with Mike Fee 4min adrift and Graeme Silcock 10min behind after his map dislodged from his incompletely buttoned-down mapholder. Jo Holden was the fastest woman even though in the vet category, Kate Clarke winning the open class.

Given the murky weather there were not too many takers for the recreational Course 3, but a couple of riders from womens group Revolve can see the potential of MTBO as an activity for their group.

Kennett and Randal have jumped through lots of hoops to get access to the wind farm at Makara for the next event, it will be fascinating to ride among the really big mills. The date is Sunday 17 July.

A bunch of keys (apparently not including the car key) was left on the key rack. Contact if they are yours.


Course 1

Open Men

  1. Tim Wilding, 105-15
  2. Liam Drew, OHV, 108-55
  3. Barryn Westfield, OHV, 118-20
  4. Ian Paintin, WOC, 129-21
  5. Alexey Zhavoronkov, 148-55
  6. Simon Kennett, OHV, DSQ
  7. John Randal, OHV, DSQ
  8. Tom Bradshaw, DSQ
  9. Paul Chaplow, DNF
  10. Tom Clarkson, OHV, DNF

Course 2

Course 3

  1. Anna-Marie Miller, 60-05
  2. Nadia Coombe and Marian Castle, 76-30

Course planner and Jim Sutherland. With help on the day from Tom Bradshaw and Michael Wood. Access by kind permission of Wellington City Council. Participants 30.

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