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2014 Event: Sunday 18 May

It's Back!
The City Safari is back for 2014! A new team is poring over the map for another great day on the buses, trains, ferry and cablecar. Metlink is behind us again. The date: Sunday 18 May. Entries will open in March. Stand by for more news.

2013 Safari Up in the Air, 12 Apr 13
Now there's an idea, airline orienteering! But seriously, the orienteering club hasn't made any progress with the Safari. One thing we won't do is make a hash of a great concept, we'll be back when we can do it brilliantly. Meantime, there are 60 "little" orienteering events each year to enjoy...

2012 Safari Cancelled, 24 Feb 12
Fraid we'll have to sack Sonny Wool, his prediction looks to be out by about a year! With the retirement of founding Safari Manager Michael Wood and the lack of a replacement, the 2012 Safari has had to be cancelled. OHV continues to run a vigorous programme of map-sport events, and hopes to be back on the buses in 2013.

Next Safari Predicted, 13 Nov 11
With the sad demise of Paul the Octopus, we turned to Sonny Wool, the psychic sheep who correctly foretold the result of all the AB's games in the World Cup! He reckons about 6 months time would be about right...

2011 Event: Sunday 15 May

Safari Stories, 18 May 11
We've put together a little story for you: A Tale of Two Cities. And 3-times family winner John Randal has posted his tale on his blog. Both are illustrated with photos. Anyone else with words or pics to share: mail us or post on Facebook.

Results - And Pictures, 16 May 11
Full results are on the website now, see how you went against the guns! And our photographer has loaded some pics on his website taken at the 3hr start, Petone, and the finish. Our story soon. Make your comments on Facebook!

On A Clear Day You Can See... Petone, 15 May 11
Torrential rain and high winds didn't stop 500 City Safari navigators from racing round the waterfront, and setting out for Petone, Newlands, Khandallah, Karori, Island Bay, Kilbirnie and lots of points in between. The rain was brashed (ie gone by lunchtime) and sun smiled on the finish at Queens Wharf. For the second year in a row a Mixed team won the 6hr course: Mark Wallace, Kath Allan and Ben Sutherland scoring 100 more than previous winners Andy Foster and Mark Hearfield. Liam and Rachel Drew won the 3-hour event from schoolboys Calvin Standrill, Simon Teesdale and Shamus Morrison. Result summary now, full results soon.

Big Safari, 13 May 11
Not quite a record but its another big Safari! Currently a total of 175 teams with 540 people! Most popular as always: the family section of the 3-hour with 48 teams! Second the mixed section of the 6hr with the 3hr mixed close behind. We've jotted down some last-minute stuff here to make your day more fun. And those with smartphones might like to bone up on "Real Time Information." See you Sunday.

Another Record on the Cards? 7 May 11, update 9 May
Normal entries are ahead of last year (9 May: topped 500), we could break our own (NZ) rogaine record! We've got some previous winners, a couple of world champions, and heaps of families! A late fee applies now, but we can accept further entries within the limits of our map and travel pass printing. The online form will calculate the late fee. How's the costume design going?

Last Day for Normal Entries, 5 May 11
We've just updated the "Details" and the "Advice" on the website. If you haven't done the Safari before, first read what's in the 2010 entry form; then take a look at the Details for the start location and rules; and then you can read some Advice about taking part and what's on the map. Today is the last day for normal entries and remember you can do it online. Got some top teams as usual...

Enter Online, 15 Apr 11
You can now enter the City Safari online. Just as with the printed entry form, payment can be made by bank transfer or by posting a cheque. See who is coming at "Entries/Results". Course planning is in full swing, how's the timetable swot going? The Safari is one month away!

Safari Entries Open, 30 Mar 11
And entries are now open! The printable entry form is now available, and an online entry form is in preparation. A piece of paper is really really useful to persuade your friends who may not have done the event before. But we didn't need to do much persuading of the new mayor Celia Wade-Brown to open the event, she was a participant in 2006! Look back at last year's high jinx...

Two Months to Next Safari, 15 Mar 11
New Zealand's biggest rogaine is getting closer, in fact in exactly two months time. Our public transport partners are right behind us again, plus Wellington City and Metlink. And this year we're going to include... Petone! It's closer than you think, check out the timetables! Time to start recruiting your team. Entry forms soon.

Octopus Foresees Eighth Safari, 8 Aug 10
We've been in touch with the octopus famous for predicting the World Cup result. S(he) squeezed all eight tentacles, which we understand to mean there will be an eighth City Safari in 2011. Or that the will be an 8-hour category. Or that there will be 800 people. Or that a team of 8 will win. Or that marine costumes will be popular. Or something else...

2010 Event: Sunday 16 May

We Declare the New Record, 26 May 10
We've sorted out the teams, mainly the youth groups whose composition was a bit fluid up until the "go". And we now declare a New New Zealand Rogaine Record: 565 people!

And a Sunday Report, 23 May 10
We've got a story and pictures assembled now. You can also visit our photographer's website for heaps more pics. Soon we'll have some video and some of the winning routes. Enjoy!

Evening Report, 17 May 10
Provisional results are now available. (You may need to refresh the result menu.) The top ones were checked on the day, but we would welcome the chance to correct anything else. Particularly we would like to know of any more team additions or subtractions - as it could be another NZ rogaine record!

Morning Report, 17 May 10
If you slept in this morning here's a chance to re-play an item on Radio NZ National's Morning Report. Page down past all the disasters and calamities to find a good fun story from transport reporter Clint Owens... And on the Metlink website there's another story and a link to heaps of photos, which you can view and buy.

Get Me a New Crystal Ball, 16 May 10, link updated 19 May
We said we couldn't predict the 3-hour Safari but we weren't much good on the 6 either! Yvette Baker and Bill Edwards beat all the boys' teams including favourites Jamie Stewart and Greig Hamilton! As expected the 3hr section was close, while school competitions were won by Samuel Marsden (6-hour) and Rongotai College (3). A record turnout escaped the rain that fell elsewhere. Preliminary report here, longer story soon.

Last-Minute Hints, 14 May 10
But if the 6hr has some favourites, we just can't predict the 3hr event this year! We sent an email to leaders this afternoon. In case it hasn't reached everyone, we've posted it here. Looking forward to seeing you on Sunday...

Its Tough at the Top, 13 May 10
A couple of changes to our top teams. International rogaine star David Rowlands (winning team last year) can't make it. His job with journey planning software needs his attention - now you know why he's so good! Jamie Stewart will have to "make do" with Christchurch's Greig Hamilton - but the pair have just won the NZ Rogaine Champs. And two-time winner Greg Thurlow is injured. However partner Andy Foster has hooked up with elite orienteer/rogainer Ramash Swamy.

Another Record on the Cards? 7 May 10, updated 12 May
With normal entries totalling 450, this could be another record Safari! Update 12 May - just passed last year's 540. A late fee applies now, and we recommend with all your details to reserve your maps. How's the timetable study going? Been doing any "train-ing"??

One Week for Normal Entries, 29 Apr 10
We've just put some "Details" on the web and updated the "Advice" page. So if you haven't done the Safari before, first read what's in the 2010 entry form; then take a look at the Details for the start location and rules; and then you can read some Advice about taking part and what's on the map. One week to go for entries at normal rates.

We've Got The Lot, 20 Apr 10
Previous 6-hour winners, well almost! We now have confirmation that Australian rogaine pioneer and 2009 winner David Rowlands will be back for this year's Safari! 2008/2006 winners Andy Foster and Greg Thurlow will be there. Half of the 2007 team is in (see below), and the original 2004 team of Al Cross and Nigel Corry have teamed up. That only leaves 2005 - Cross and Jill Westenra. Unfortunately an adventure race in Australia is calling the Coast-to-Coast legend. Anyone prepared to take these guys on?

Classy Start, 12 Apr 10
The first entry we opened is a classy one. Yvette Baker was Britain's first orienteering gold medallist in 1999; married a kiwi and now lives in Karori. Bill Edwards three times represented Ireland at the orienteering world champs; married a kiwi and now lives in Whitemans Valley! Most significantly he's got a Safari track record, winning in 2007 and almost doing it again last year. The pair will contest the world rogaine championship at Cheviot in November.

Safari Entry Open, 26 Mar 10
We're all ready to accept entries now, via the 2010 entry form. Last year's 6hr winners Jamie Stewart and David Rowlands have been talking about teaming up again, even though Rowlands lives in Australia! And Steve Gurney is juggling his many commitments; off to the USA shortly, maybe he's taking that cow suit over to use in the trade negotiations...

New Partner for Safari, 17 Mar 10
A new public transport partner has joined the City Safari. Newlands Coach Services provides another way to get to the north end of the course. And even closer in it makes txtbus more useful in that there are no exceptions. Two months to go and welcome Newlands!

Three Months to Next Safari, 18 Feb 10
New Zealand's record-breaking rogaine is on again - Sunday 16th May. With public transport increasingly significant, and a great city to explore, stand by for the opening of entries in March. Meantime revisit last year's story, pics and you-tube below. welcome.

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