Junior World Orienteering Champs, 11-15 Jul 2017, Tampere, Finland

The NZ team includes Lara Molloy of WOC; and Jenna Tidswell, Callum Herries and Devon Beckman from HBOC. We'll plug in the news as it comes in, with the latest at the top.

Live updates and free GPS tracking via the JWOC website. See also the ONZ website where Malcolm Ingham is posting regular reports

Sat 15 July
The new day might bring some better news, but at bed-time the NZ1 girls had been DQ'd and NZ2 had DNF'd. The normally reliable online results needs to be given a DQ too:-(( The boys had reasonable though not trouble-free runs, finishing 18th (14th country) and 24th. In spite of a blistering 3rd leg, the famous Olli had to settle for silver, Norway had too big a lead.

Fri 14 July
It was Nick Smith's turn to shine in the long distance race at JWOC today. Not a medal, but 23rd is very good in a field of 175; the PAPO runner was 10min behind the winner, Olli Ojanaho again. (Olli has won all three individual golds, though he is on home ground.) Tommy Hayes was 7min further back, that was 40 places! Danielle Goodall was our top girl with 41st. WOC's Lara Molloy had a solid run for 80th. The relay tomorrow is the last event.

Wed 12 July
Tommy Hayes was NZ's best middle distance runner but he out-did that tonight in the sprint. In fact he out-did everyone except yesterday's winner. Yep, a SILVER MEDAL for New Zealand, in a run which stayed at the top for 42min after he finished, with runners at 1min intervals. Others in the top third (there were 170 runners) were Cameron de L'Isle 45th and Danielle Goodall 56th. Lara Molloy tied with Auckland's Alice Tilley for 89th. Rest day tomorrow, long distance on Friday.

Tue 11 July
Tommy Hayes posted NZ's best result in the Middle finals, with 36th out of 60 finalists, 8min down on a previous gold medallist Olli Ojanaho of Finland. Devon Beckman was 43rd just a minute back. At bed-time Danielle Goodall was looking like 51st. But a great consolation prize was Nick Smith (PAPO) winning the B final! Lara Molloy was very respectable with 18th in her B, the top is stacked with good runners who have had bad luck in the quali. Tomorrow is the sprint.

Mon 10 July
Three kiwis are into the final: Danielle Goodall (Counties), Tommy Hayes (Auck), and Devon Beckman. Katie Cory-Wright at her 1st JWOC was closer to her heat winner than Danielle, but both the runners and the courses are all different. Finals tomorrow. BTW there's free GPS tracking.


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