Oceania Orienteering Championship, Easter Weekend 2017

Summary of OHV Results

Full results on the Champs website and on Winsplits.

Individual Results
Placings are overall, but medals were awarded on the basis of A classes and Oceania orienteers only (Australia and New Zealand).
The 4th and 5th columns come from Rotorua and are not part of Oceania. But competitor numbers have increased ahead of next week's Masters Champs.
Not sure about New Caledonia, think it is regarded as part of France.
When looking at placings, remember that in an event of about 2000 people the larger classes may have 60 or more people.

Name, ClassOceania
Larissa Edwards, W10A571082
Amber Riddle, W16A714MP136 (Sch Relay)
Josie Reeves, W16A141814  
Alexandra Riddle, W20A16MP15710
Orsolya Vincze, W21BMP1311
Susan Edwards, W45A14**4 (3rd Oceania)**MP43
Anna Robertson, W50A12137  
Sonya Reeves, W50A32 35  
Lynette Porter, W55A4810 (55AS)151261
Margi Freemantle, W60A2722211839
Jill Dalton, W70A**2****2 (1st Oceania)****3**76
Oliver Edwards, M14AMPMP6415 (Sch Relay)
Kieran Edwards, M16A1916201415 (Sch Relay)
Dan Reeves, M21B1    
Bill Edwards, M50A**2****1**   
Bruce Worsley, M50A607 (45AS)2 (45AS)3 (45AS)57
Andrew Riddle, M50A3828263615
John Robertson, M50AMP1213  
Pat van Berkel, M55A3852475050
Simon Rea, M55A4946484949
Ted van Geldermalsen, M60A7**2 (1st Oceania****7 (1st Oceania)**89
Michael Wood, M70A**2, 1st Oceania****6, 2nd Oceania** **5 (3rd Oceania)**26
Gavin Scott, M75A**7, 3rd Oceania**617  

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