The key people in the running of the club are:

President Ph (04) 971 2457
Secretary Vacant, however the will be answered.
Treasurer Ph (04)566 0750
Committee Ph (04)566 2645

The following roles are performed to keep the club running. As you can see there are some vacancies - can you help?
Publicity Officer Vacant
Equipment Officer Vacant
Webmaster Ph 566 2645
Membership Officer
Club Captain Vacant
Training Officer Vacant
Overall Programme Coordinator Vacant
Land Access Coordinator Vacant
Programme Coordinator (Rogaines) Ph (04) 233 8982
Programme Coordinator (MTBO) Vacant
Volunteer Coordinator Vacant
Mapping Officer Ph 566 2645
Secondary Schools Vacant

And of course the many members who organise events!

In addition the following club members perform "higher services":

NZOF Senior and Junior Selection Panel Member
Convenor ONZ Mapping Committee, Member MTBO Committee and Selection Panel member

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