OY/Superseries Weekend

Hutt Valley and Wellington, 28/29 Apr 07

See How They Run...

Martin Peat has assembled the files to play an animation of the Thunderball and Vic Uni sprints. Runners have to put in their routes for this to work, but a number have done so already. Check it out here. As usual Alan Horn who ran the sprint timing has uploaded the split times to Winsplits. And there are some photos from the Vic Uni sprint on the Wgtn OC website.

Paying at the Gate

Thanks for your cooperation at the gate - here's a bit of background to this move, which might well become more common. And we may need your help around local-body election time as we campaign against GW's park fees.

Long Results 29 Apr 07

Among the concrete relics of WW2, Carsten Jorgensen and Tineke Berthelsen took today's wins in the last event of the 2007 Superseries. Jorgensen was 3min clear of Mark Lawson and James Bradshaw, with another 5min back to Bill Edwards. Berthelsen was 6min ahead of Penny Kane and Lizzie Ingham.

The W21E course was also M21A for the simultaneous OY, and John Robertson was the best of the OYers 3min further back. In addition to the elites there were 160 in the OY, perhaps because it was also the opener in the Collegesport Wellington orienteering series. A good field which bettered all of last year's OYs, especially coming after dismal weather the previous day. Results...

Sprint Results 28 Apr 07

In an area 300 X 200m Jamie Stewart and Lizzie Ingham won this morning's sprint at Thunderball Adventure Games near Lower Hutt. Bill Edwards and Simon Jager were the only others within a minute of the leaders.

The courses traversed in turn a tire obstacle area, labyrinth of tracks in a green area with junctions every few metres, the tires again and a brief respite in some more normal riverbank tracks. The labyrinth again, and finally the oil-drum obstacle area.

After the elites had run the courses were open to the orienteering public, and HV's John Robertson has perhaps staked a claim to Central Magic membership with a time ahead of half of the elite field. And daughter Laura could easily have contributed to Magic's fortunes - she would have been third!

Ingham won again this afternoon on the Vic Uni campus with Tineke Bethelsen 16sec behind. But Ross Morrison was over a minute and a half clear of Bryn Davies and Carsten Jorgensen. The university was classic urban terrain - complex building shapes with passages between; canopies, steps and stairs; impassable barriers; and some "forest" in the form of an old cemetery.

Mick Finn was the fastest of "the others", in fact he beat Bill Edwards who was second in the morning. Results...

Updated 26 Apr 07

Met Service weather forecast for Sat is for rain though the max is still 15 deg. The MetVUW forecast shows the rain band tracking over the NI more to the south than previously, but clearing on Sunday. It may still be wet early in the day, so please note the remarks about the narrow road approach to the OY (dead slow) and the exposure of the venue - it's a potential windfarm site.

Latest changes: Morning sprint notes about how the map will be presented. OY course lengths below. The climbs are all 5-7%, this is not a flat area like your coastal sand-dunes. Plan your initial speed accordingly. Spikes will be invaluable - but the pasture is really clean so gaiters will not be required.
Previous addition: Start times for SS competitors, hazard warning added for morning sprint
Before that: Mapper's notes for morning sprint; parking advice for afternoon sprint.

The return to the ammunition-bunker part of Belmont Regional Park with an expanded and updated map has been bolstered by two sprint-distance events into a weekend package which will be the final Superseries round for 2007. Superseries competitors will pre-enter, but entry is open to all others on the day as usual.

Saturday starts with a skirmish on a tiny but incredibly detailed area with unusual features, near the Hutt River. The battle continues in the afternoon with a second sprint on the Victoria University campus. The Sunday event which is also OY2 and CSW1 (Collegesport series) is on steep farmland characterised by many small marshes and the unique concrete buildings. Unique to BRP that is, each of the 60 buildings looks just like the rest! Details including an embargoed area follow. This page is subject to updating as more info comes to habd - see date above.

Sprint One - Let Battle Commence

An area and probably type of land use never before used for orienteering - its a paintball venue. There are open areas with piles of tires, and other areas with groups of 44gal drums. The most challenging part is bush with labyrinth of tracks, junctions only metres apart. Negligible climb. One course for all - Superseries senior and junior and all-comers. EWT 12min for M21E.

Sprint Two - Guerilla Warfare - Urban Jungle

Sprint orienteering was essentially kicked off by the "Park World Tour" which extensively used urban terrain in European capitals, with squares, stairs, many paths and steps. Campus terrain is very similar with quadrangles, canopies, pass-throughs and many small gaps between buildings. Victoria University is as good as they come, evolving over a century on a steep site. One course for all - Superseries senior and junior and all-comers. EWT 12min for M21E.

The OY - Bunker Mentality

OHV has been orienteering in the bunkers area of Belmont Regional Park for 30 years. Striking views from the tops extend over Hutt Valley, Wellington and Porirua, and the ammunition bunkers give the area a surreal character. Mostly clean farmland offers 360-degree route choice, involving minimising of climb. There are some gentle areas on the divide between the Hutt Valley and Porirua basin. The best farmland terrain within an hour of the capital. Standard OY courses, with special arrangements for Superseries and Collegesport competitors.