Problem Controls in the 2006 Safari

A couple of errors in the question sheet made things hard for teams who visited:

  • Control #6 in Marjoribanks St
    Referred to the building colour at street number 130, should have been street number 105, but it was a reasonable supposition that we meant 103.
  • Control #22 in Wadestown
    Referred to garage roof colour at street number 22; we typed the question number rather than the street number 4
Anyone who claimed the point by writing down another distinctive feature in the vicinity was credited with the control. This advice published before the event was intended for cases where the feature that was obvious to the course planner doesn't stick out to you. We hope that the teams affected didn't spend more than a few minutes puzzling over the question, and apologise. With a staff of hundreds, it's hard to keep quality in check:-))


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