Locals Beat World Champions

Wellington endurance runners Andy Foster and Greg Thurlow pipped champion rogainers Nathan Fa’ave and Dennis de Monchy (Nelson/Chch) to win the 6-hour Metlink City Safari on Sunday. The navigation event incorporated 90 checkpoints throughout the city at which teams scored points, with the help of public transport.

Foster and Thurlow scored 1015, a mere 15 ahead of the South Islanders. De Monchy is one of the world championship rogaine team, and he and Chris Forne will defend their title in Estonia in September. Fa’avae with Richard Ussher are the NZ 24-hour Rogaine Championship titleholders, after retiring from adventure racing with the world championship win in 2005.

Coast to Coast legend Steve Gurney whose competitive days are over, appears to have a new career in dairying, competing with his team dressed as cows. Lower Hutt father and son John and Tim Robertson (12) won the 3-hour category. 350 people took part.

Metlink 6hr City Safari:
Andy Foster, Greg Thurlow (Wgtn), 1015, 1; Nathan Fa’avae, Dennis de Monchy (Nelson/Chch), 1000, 2; Al Cross, Jerry Shepherd (Wgtn), 985, 3; Rachel Ockelford, Liam Drew (Wgtn), 980, 4; Daniel Cobeldick, James Price, Hamish Parish (Masterton), 810, 5. First Mixed Ockelford and Drew; First School Cobeldick, Price and Parish (Rathkeale); First Women Annie Sanderson (New Plym), Royce Mills (P North), 665.

Metlink 3hr City Safari:
John and Tim Robertson (L Hutt), 630, 1; Kieran Patchell, David Reynolds (Wgtn), 485, 2; Mike and Ryan Sheridan (Eastbne), 485, 3; Laura Robertson, Jula McMillan, Mark Ross (L Hutt) 425, 4; Dave Foster, Rob Wall (Wgtn) 415, 5. First family Robertsons; First Open Foster and Wall; First School Patchell and Reynolds (Wgtn Coll); First Mixed Robertson, McMillan and Ross; First Women Nicola Roderick, Felicity Seager (Wgtn), 355.


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