Results 2011 Metlink City Safari

These are posted quickly without any checking except of the top few in each category. Please of all errors, including team composition so we can see how many people actually took part. The score is given with the main event first, plus the prologue, equals result. Negatives are lateness penalties.

Printing is best done in landscape orientation.

6-Hour Event (Link to Three Hours)

Team Category Members Origin Score Place
Cupid Stunts Mixed Mark Wallace, Kath Allan, Ben Sutherland Petone/LyallB/Newtn M'sporters 1080+80=1160 1, 1st Mixed
Centurions Open Andy Foster, Mark Hearfield Wellington Off-road Runners 980+100-20L=1060 2, 1st Open
Omen Again Open Nick Engleback, Peter Wood Wilton Orienteers 970+85=1055 3, 2nd Open
Beam Me Up Scotty Open Neil Davies, Phil Gavey Johnsonville 950+65-20L=995 4, 3rd Open
Van De Mons Open Dennis de Monchy, Erik van Eyndhoven Tauranga/Wgtn Rogainers 880+100-20L=960 5
Team Party Bus Mixed Andrew Thompson, Sarah Blundell Lower Hutt 890+75-20L=945 6, 2nd Mixed
JR Alias The Pig Ladies Mixed Jenny Cossey, Raymond Morgan Strathmore Rogainers 870+65-10L=925 7, 3rd Mixed
Moofunn Mixed Helen & Derek Foo Paremata 770+90=860 8
The Apple Pickers Mixed Sandra Appleby, Phil Pickering Berhampore MTBers 810+60-20L=850 9
Bear With Me Mixed Denis Cooper, Frith Brown Nelson Multisporters 750+65=815 10
Bag of Cats Business Sean Bardsley, Thomas Small, Craig Martell Karori Orienteers 720+80-20L=780 11, 1st Business
Margarella Women Margaret Reynolds, Ella Vilipaama Owhiro Bay 680+85=765 12, 1st Women
Family Randal Family John, Kaitlyn & David Randal Wgtn MTBers 650+80=730 13, 1st Family
Save the Hutt River Open Bruce Worsley, Pat van Berkel Upper Hutt Orienteers 630+85=715 14
Well-Trained or Bussed! Mixed Chris Tuffley, Kelly Buckle, Dion O'Neale P North Orienteers 660+50=710 15
Road Works School George Engleback, Liam Stevens Wilton Orienteers 620+80=700 16, 1st School
Chocolate and Coffee Women Royce & Cecily Mills PN/Wgtn Orienteers 610+90=700 17, 2nd Women
Jayelles Mixed Heather & Ian Johnson-Lee Thorndon 630+65=695 18
Flying Takahes Family Mike Fee, Chris Visser-Fee Island Bay MTBers 620+65=685 19, 2nd Family
The Sloths Mixed Rachel Hay, Andrea Hirschberg, Matt Betesta Kelburn 640+60-20L=680 20
Quality Time Mixed Pam & Len Rodenburg New Plym Orienteers 600+85-20L=665 21
Hicks from the Sticks School
New Plym Girls/Boys HS
Katie Rodenburg, Jesse Watt New Plym Orienteers 620+65-30L=655 22, 2nd School
Wilson Women Janet Wilson, Anne Lawrence Ashhurst Trampers 580+85-10L=655 23, 3rd Women
Long Live HP Mixed Rik Roberts, Bridgett, Lottie, Penny & Simon Tregear Khandallah 580+65=645  
Worthy One Mixed Aaron Worthy, Meghan Clarke Maungaraki 600+35=635 Plus forgot to write down 70pts
Koll Klan School Jonathan Barnes, Hunter Saban, Rory Hammond Karori Orienteers 590+60-20L=630 26, 3rd School
Team Tang Mixed Tom & Gini Peck Ngaio 590+60-20L=630  
Flock of Seagulls Business Keith Hastings, Abigail Walsh, Nick Cramp, Noelle Heffron Ngaio 550_+75-10L=615 28, 2nd Business
It's a Trap Open Andrew Cunningham, Matty Munro Kelburn 615+65=615  
Murray Open Kim Murray, Hamish Farrar, Gemma Buchanan Houghton Bay 560+60-10L=610 30
The Architects of Doom Open Richard Hopkins, Michael Fay Melrose 550+75-20L=605  
The Franconians Mixed Waltraud Schiedermair, Peter Martin Oriental Bay 580+50-30L=600  
Warp Factor 3 Women Judy Wan, Laura Phillipson Mt Vic 520+80-10L=590  
The Last Treasure Hunters Mixed Thomas & Katharina Kiefer, Jaana Krause, Steve Brooklyn 550+65-30L=585  
SLRS Open Owen Mills, Jim Hepburn P North/Paremata 560+55-30L=585  
Auspicious Avatars Women Hannah Barnes, Lauren Turner Karori Orienteers 490+80=570  
Team McPhail Women Leigh & Stephanie McPhail Alicetown 510+60=570  
Zedd Mixed Hamish Trolove, Eleanor Howick Lower Hutt 540+40-20L=560  
M & M's Family Pauline & Martine Barnes Karori Orienteers 490+60=550 39, 3rd Family
Ian & Allison Mixed Ian & Allison Basire Kapiti Orienteers 500+45=545 40
#hashtag Mixed Ewen McNeill, Daniel Spector, Kelly Buehler Wellington 480+50=530  
Getting There Women Leigh Izzett, Rachel Parks Belmont 470+60=530  
We Love Pies Women Georgina Workman, Helen Majorhazi, Diane Chesmar, Sally Pollard Wgtn 480+50-10L=520  
Happy At Last Women Erica Hindle, Viv Holmes, Adele Smith Kapiti Adventurers 430+65=495  
Hill (Steve) Family Steve, Callum & Flynn Hill Whangarei Orienteers 430+65=495  
Secret Squirrels Mixed Shasa Halford, Chris Lawrence Khandallah 430+75-10L=495  
Speedy Streamers School
St Pats Sstrm
Ryan Wilmshurst, Jolan Hazelwood, Lachie Watson Woburn 460+45-20L=485  
Biker Bandits School Jordan Anderson, Gregor Wilson, Luke Small, Jacob Jones Eastbourne 430+55-10L=475  
Kilometre Challenge Women Amy & Heather Lewis, Juanita Peachey Stokes Valley 400+60=460  
The F.A.R.M Team Mixed Francois Marier, Marie Laflamme, Andy Chilton & Rebecca Waechter Kelburn 380+65=445 50
Hill (Frances) Family Frances, Shaan & Mika Hill Whangarei Orienteers 440+30-30L=440  
Naenae Ninjas Mixed Gordon McDonald, Rachael Slade, Liz Pereira Belmont MTBers 360+65=425  
D.W.'s Wacky Racers Mixed Daniel Williamson, Daniel Williams, Jessica Willdig, Sarah Holloway Lower Hutt 320+35-10L=345  
Aftershocked Mixed Warren & Joanne McKie Christchurch 290+35-10L=315  
Mansfield Mixed Debbie Mansfield, Steve Wagner Upper Hutt Rogainers DNS  
The Ridiculous Factor Mixed Edel Power, Edward Abrahamson Oriental Bay DNS  

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