Sprint Adventure Race Lessons

The Bike Course

Chapter 3, 14 June 2019

Leg Attackpoint Route Choice
1 The place where the stream crosses the river trail.  
2 Where the small track meets various larger tracks (vehicle ones) The small track in the streamside plantings is most fun, but it wiggles round a bit. The bright yellow paddock could be worth a go - it was recently mowed.
3 The turnoff from the main track to the one closer to the stream. (We could have cut the purple connection lines and circle here sorry.) Maybe a preliminary AP at the 3-way junction a bit earlier. Probably the streamside track, but SE into the school and NE across the playing fields to the bridge may have paid off.
4 The T-junction where the path meets the river trail. On foot I would head straight thru the scattered bushes and then north up the edge to ensure I didn't miss it. (An example of "aiming off".) But with a bike drop to consider I'd try and estimate the closest point on the ridable bright yellow.
5 The pile of boulders, the big indentation in the willows, hopefully both. (Actually we wanted to put it on the island, but the river level rose:-))  
6 End of the high golf course fence, and the park (Trentham) opening out.  
7 The triangular road junction. Choice in where you cross the stop-bank. I'd do it sooner rather than later, so as to get more sealed riding into the leg. Then in between the thickets (could have snipped a bit of the purple line here.)
8 The building.  
9 The road loops north of the control, and secondarily the boulder cluster just outside the circle. Through the middle of the protected forest, vs the northern forest path or round the south via #7. Look at the wiggles in the middle route! You aren't going to be able to ride full speed! (There are some shorter final approaches too, but get to the AP fast, first, and then it all falls into place.)
10 The gap on the right after the buildings.  
11 School entrance on S corner of site. With the south end of the intermediate school OOB, the options include the street to the south of that, or north past the no-exit streets and thru the intermediate. There's a sub-choice to the latter - might be better to back out of control #10 to avoid lifting bikes over a fence. You would instead use the driveway where the number "10" is.
12 Junction just after road bends to right.  
13 Junction of 3 roads/tracks. One coming off the highway, one coming up from the river, and the small dashed one which is the continuation of the bridge pathway. Down the first cut in the trees, or the second? On foot certainly in the first and out the second. We don't know in advance whether the riverbed is bike-friendly (or push-able) but it's worth taking them down the first cut to see, I reckon.
14 Road junction and old carpark  
15 Bulge in road (turning area) just after the exits onto the highway  
16 The big cliff On foot I would drop down to the riverbed and exit to the south, but this is another place for choosing a bike drop. North vs South, very close to even.
17 The start of the vegetation on the river side of the road, after crossing the stream.  
18 The vegetation next to the river ends. Although the culvert exit was embellished with fences, they aren't always so visible.  
19 East end of the bridge.  
20 There's no REALLY good one, those gaps in the trees don't stand out all that well. That swing in the river trail towards the river could be it but generally adventure race maps don't show such fine detail. A valid tactic is to ride fast HOPING to see the gap, but being prepared to "bounce" back from a catching feature (ie the finish).  

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