Sprint Adventure Race Lessons

Foot Course A

Chapter 3, 14 June 2019

Leg Attackpoint Route Choice
1 The place where the track crosses the reentrant ... and this goes against the route choice straight across the bright yellow - you don't have an attack point to go into the bushes. The track is the way.
2 The fence junction (in fact from a certain direction the fences funnel you in. There's a bridge to the SE, and another the same distance SW. But from there to the control, one wins out hands down. Bust out of the trees and use the bright yellow.
3 Though not always the case the pale yellow stands out here - long grass where the mower hasn't been. There's some minor route choice due to the green stripe (blackberry) round the bush; reading the description (west side) suggests using that little track to get thru the pale.
4 No good AP but (a) a half-way point (tip of the green stripe) and a great catching feature. A go-for-it-on-a-bearing situation. (At some point you see that the little fences are actually stays for a very visible power pole, but you get the principle:-))
5 N end of the vegetated depression The fence, or perhaps the thin depression?
6 The (Larger) track bend, with the bridge an earlier waypoint.  
7 No need Minor route choice in getting onto the (smaller) track efficiently
F No need  

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