Sprint Adventure Race Lessons

Foot Course B

Chapter 3, 14 June 2019

A variety of legs here - some have obvious APs and good route choice - some the route is clear but there's no good AP - and some have both.

Leg Attackpoint Route Choice
1 Track junction Two sides of a triangle on track are going to be better than the hypotenuse through any sort of green.
2 Point where there's open area west of the road You can probably bust out of the bush anywhere, but you might as well use the shortest distance - into that yellow inlet.
3 Triangle of roads According to the sogginess of the grass, use the road or hug the forest.
4 The distinctive tree. But not a great AP, it may stand out if you are on the edge of that forest patch, but approaching in your direction it will just look like the rest of the forest. Important that when you get inside the forest, that you are in a depression.  
5 No great AP South along the white to begin with. Then left has the possible advantage that you'll recognise the "saloon doors" in the forest edge as the "gate". Straight on is shorter, but has the hazard that you may confuse the white in the depression with the track you want, they both head in a similar direction. And then the black track splits so another hazard... It's a great leg!
6   Left or right
7 A bit like #4, you're faced with a wall of trees as you run across the field. There are some little indentations in the forest edge but you dont see them from straight on. Aim right and be prepared to get inside the forest early, to run along the linear marsh.
8 The thickets (distinguish thick green from trees that are mowed under) Exit from the last control to the west, or east? West will give you more of a look at those various trees/thickets as you approach.
9 S end of the thin depression, tho you'll have to be careful to spike it among various shades of forest colours.  
F   Designed to tantalise - thru the green or round it?

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