Sprint Adventure Race Lessons

Foot Course C

Chapter 3, 14 June 2019

On a campus setting with very short legs, APs are often less relevant; or are vastly different depending on the route. In this case we'll just use a blank.

Leg Attackpoint Route Choice
1   Left or Right. On the right choice don't get sucked into the keyhole path in the olive green.
2   On first glance the beeline, but bent to the right to avoid a fence crossing. But what about via theate and running the road or footpath - pavement can be 5-10% faster depending on moisture levels in the grass.
3   Left, right, and maybe there's a middle option. But an S-shaped route is generally worse than a bow-shaped one.
4   Left or right. The answer is easy (probably the planner wished for a tree in a different place.)
5   Left or right.
6   Left or right? There's something to be said for sweeping along a linear feature in the way you want for the following leg - as opposed to a U-turn.
7   Left or right? Think about that U-turn issue.
8   Left or right? There's a middle one too but it has a barrier in it, careful!
9   Left or right? Don't let a kink in the connection line influence you, its often done as here for legibility reasons. But you can't go as fast on a twisty route.
F   Left or right? If left then be sure to make use of the canopy otherwise its longer!

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