Sprint Adventure Race Lessons

Foot Course D

Chapter 3, 14 June 2019

This was the hardest course, although there were plenty of tracks you were in genuine NZ native bush and needed to recognise contours.

Leg Attackpoint Route Choice
1  : An easy leg to get you warmed up
2 Track junction (with main track)  
3 Track junction (with main track again) Those very short connections near the triangle angle back and are easily missed, so head for the T-junction and come back a bit. If you see the reentrant developing on your right before you get there, good on you.
4 The stream crossing. But there's a lot of work to do from there to the control There's minor route choice, but its a matter of careful negotiation of several junctions, and recognising that you have 15m to climb.
5 Choice of two track junctions If you choose the western track junction (by the number) you have the option of cutting the corner if it looks OK.
6 You could use the AP for 4, but banks are not as visible from above as below. I would go for the little clearing with the marsh in it The marsh has green round it, consider going a bit past the marsh till the forest looks better, then turning 90deg left. You could turn in early, too, but you won't know exactly where to set your bearing from unless you go right to the AP.
7 The junction with the short leg out to the main road. Its not as close to the control as ideal but the boulder cluster might not be visible from the track in that green. Its easier than it looks because the sharp little spur that creates the reentrant is visible from the track.
F The track junction near #3 Shortcut thru light green to the finish, or fang it along the track and thru the triangle?

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