Sprint Adventure Race Chapter Two Lessons

Foot Course A

12 Aug 2018

Leg Main Decision Other Factors
1  :  
3 The classic AP would be the junction. But you probably saw it from the main track:-))
4 No good AP here. Estimate distance from before (the X at the slip) or after (you'll hit the Tee-junction). But you may have been able to see it from the track. Good on you.
5 Main AP for the control is the big track junction. Anyone notice the little short-cut down to the ford?
6 Route choice - up and down to the poles, or down and up? Counting contours gives 4 each way (ignoring the little hilltop which you get both ways). So distance wins out.
7   Minor route choice - cut the corner. Probably not worth it.
8 The sting in the tail, heh heh. Straight up or via #2. I tried both at a leisurely speed. Going via #2 2min30. Up the slope 1min30. But you can't really do the latter without effort. In a long race you might conserve energy for later.
F   Hope you enjoyed the bush. The tracks and signs were made by Brian, an Upper Hutt volunteer. The slip marshall was Mark and the bike supervisor was Nicola. Nicola also brought the controls in. Thanks to you all.

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