Sprint Adventure Race Chapter Two Lessons

Foot Course C

12 Aug 2018

Leg Main Decision Other Factors
1 AP the Left-most building Sometimes there's a choice of which way round, pretty clear for this one due to the corner its in.
2 Straight, or use that track to the left (North)? If you go straight you're pretty unlikely to be perfect. And there's no AP on the edge of the trees. Find the track first, then you can use half of it and go along the white corridor. The green stripe pattern signifies obstructions on the ground that you can see over, in this case long grass and a bit of blackberry. So you might as well try and avoid it.
3 You want the building NW of the tennis courts (playcentre). Then slow down, you're entering a "maze". Secondary AP the N-most yellow (grassed open) area. If you can find that you'll find your tree.
4 Similar to the last leg, get to the building N of the control (the complex shaped one not the plain rectangle). You can then use the path, identify the near tree, and then the SE tree.
5 Warning bells! Back into the maze and no buildings to help. Pick your way carefully between the vegetation. Visibility thru the trees is good, otherwise you might need to approach that little track from the north.
6 Still in the maze but there's an AP - the end of the path. From there you can go through the trees to the "inlet" of grass with the tree in it.
7 Route choice here. Work back from the control to choose how you're going to get near the river. You could use the track to the North, the one to the South, or the yellow strip with the watercourse in it. that will determine which side of the big building (scout hall) you'll go, and maybe even how you'll get out of the maze.
8 Designed to give you a scenic view of the river Though its rough (pale yellow) its not worth the deviation back up to the track and down to the river. Even with the little bit of green stripe (blackberry) at the end.
9 Its a big tree, but there are zones of scattered trees on either side. Which one? Quickest way would be a compass bearing once you get out of the riverbank trees. In this case the compass serves as a simplification tool. Other methods would be to take the time to sort out which is the biggest tree in the distance. Or to aim left and go along the edge of the field looking at every tree:-))
F Those tracks near the river are down a slope and invisible until you are close. Similar issues to #9, a compass bearing would be fastest. Alternative - head for the start tree, that isn't far off your ideal direction. If the tree hadn't been there, there's a small hill near it which could do.

This terrain is quite easy, but you need several techniques to do it without wasting time. 10 seconds saved in this mini AR represents half an hour in the Godzone.

Thanks to Irina Winsley for keeping an eye on the bikes at Foot C. To Heather Darby (HVHS) for putting out these controls, to David Darby for assisting with that, and Graeme Silcock for getting them in afterwards.

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