Sprint Adventure Race Chapter Two Lessons

Foot Course D

12 August 2018

Leg Main Decision Other Factors
1 There's a route choice here. Anyone think of hopping down to the road and going round to the bottom of the zig-zag? Trade 3 contours of climb for a bit of extra distance. Could be worth it.
2 AP the patch of trees Careful, there are other similar patches of trees.
3 AP the small building (toilets) Small knolls and depressions are among the hardest to find, don't try directly. Use an Attack Point.
4 AP the steps in the middle of the grass Quite odd, think they used to be something to do with a flying fox. Without that, the cliff on the other side of the stream is a good giveaway. You can "visit" an AP with your eyes.
5 AP the road end  
6 AP the west end of the fenced off bush. Or you could follow the path (not necessarily with your feet, use your eyes)
7 AP the path end Or you could hug the edge of the grass open
8 AP the "X" in the open land BEFORE the one you want.  
9 Route choice out of #8, and several choices into #9. Easy short cut back onto the road via the stream-bed. Could approach 9 along the white strip (almost a track) or the path to the toilet. But note that the final approach to the control from the south has green stripes - there's a bit of blackberry there. Could be worth going past and coming in from the north.
10 Route choice - trade off distance vs wet feet, heh heh. One of those small patches of trees, and a table (the special OHV arrow symbol) show where there's a gap in the vegetation on the other side.
F   Interesting what you can do with a small area. And we've got more up our sleeves for Chapter Three!

Thanks to Phil Kendon for collecting controls from Foot D. And to Michael Wood for planning the courses.

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