Sprint Adventure Race Lessons

The Bike Course

17 June 2018

Leg Attackpoint Route Choice
1 The correct ramp starts immed S of end of carpark  
2 Second blob of bush on L of track. Vegetation on R too complicated. Stay on track until last opportunity, if necessary go past and come back into corridor in trees
3 Safest back onto main track to pick next blob of bush on L of track. See AP. Plus you don't know how soggy the yellow corridor is going to be.
4 The paved ramp up the stopbank The map can't tell you how boggy the grass is. That's life!
5 NW cnr of playing fields Short-cut up to path on top stopbank. After dry weather in summer, and the lawns newly mowed, you might ride along the fence.
6 Wide path R off stopbank path  
7 1. Road L of stopbank swings away
2. Identify second patch of trees
1. Ride up zigzag vs push up steps
2. Potentially both sides of bridge available:-))
3. Once on W bank I prefer the path on top stop-bank as (a) sealed and (b) better view
8 You need the correct cut in the trees. Third one from the rocks. Gravel track was fairly soft, may be worth climbing up to sealed path on stopbank
9 Place with bush on BOTH sides of track. Bridge will prevent over-run. This is too short to climb up to stopbank, I think. Use gravel.
10 Identify correct patch of trees Stay on the road until last moment. Hugging river is good navigationally but grass slower.
11 Hard. You have to spot the big mapped trees from the track  
12 Blob of trees Get onto the western path (sealed) earlier rather than later. Even if you have to walk across boggy grass or backtrack a bit.
13 Deep stream on R In summer you might anticipate the AP, angle across the grass, and wade the lower stream
14 Second line of trees You prob didn't take bikes right to control 13:-)) In summer, push along riverbed past first line of trees then ride along vegetation edge to second line, which is crossable. Distance saving could outweigh slower travel
15 Third (long) carpark Grass the whole way vs back to road. I rode the grass and it wasn't bad.
16 The big culvert mouth (shown as cliff) In normal flows the stream below the culvert is easily crossed, even ridden:-)) Saves a steep little pinch up over the culvert mouth
17 Open area next Harcourt Werry Dr  
18 Second track to river (with boulders). Culvert itself may be hard to spot although today workers had mowed the watercourse. That's where our rates go:-)) There's really only one sensible place to cross the road although we showed a 2nd allowable crossing zone.
19 Big patch of trees next road Save 10% effort on the sealed path vs the gravel road. When you get close there's (a) in from the N or ride round to the S and in from there.
20 Best AP the gravel road jnc but from there 7 similar-looking cuts into the trees. Care! Maybe stay on sealed path and cross to gravel where they are close. Paved triangle is backstop.
21 Corners of olive green (Storage Business) All-sealed route next to the road better than soggy grass crossing. Maybe even in summer.
23 Either track to the river, vis from path. Three trees confirms. Either track
24 Melling Bridge Two places to cross under the bridge, very similar
25 Corner of main part of carpark  
26 The SW tree markes the correct ramp  

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