Sprint Adventure Race Lessons

Foot Course A

17 June 2018

Leg Main Decision Other Factors
1  :  
2 L or R of the Gym (bldg with the bend in it) Prefer R as that area with the L-shaped hedges and the big tree (fairly rare) show the way in
3 S or N of the large rect bldg Pref N with 2ndary decision under the big canopy (past 6) rather than in front of the sch entrance
5 Jump wall (passable) or out the gate  
6 L or R round main sch bldg The gate twds 4 and L better than the gate twds 3 and R; but jump wall and R option is a goer
7 L or R round bldg cntrl is on L is shorter but its messy with steps; prefer R
8 L or R round bldg half way In spite of messy bit (see above) prefer L option. Has a cleaner route at the end
9 L or R round bldg cntrl is on L is shorter across grass but R allows use of paving all the way
F  :  

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