Sprint Adventure Race Lessons

Foot Course B

17 June 2018

Leg Main Decision Other Factors
1  :  
3   A matter of recognising that the "tunnel" is away from the road, tucked up against abutment
4 L or R round skatepark Prefer L. Last-minute change not carried thru to map - sorry
5 L or R round skatepark Prefer L again
7 L round strm top, R along riverbed or direct thru strm River and strm levels discourage the 2nd two. Issue is complexity of multiple tracks. Compass can simplify it.
8 L onto path by road, R along riverbed or direct via track River level and mud makes getting onto path ASAP attractive
9 Thru bush or round Thru would pay off. Last-minute change to cntrl not carried thru to map - sorry
10 Around the outside of trees or thru the green stripe Would distrust the speed of the stripe (good vis but slow) and go round
11 Around top of strm or direct (with misgivings see above) Direct this time as much shorter. (This cntrl was placed nr 7 due to river level)
12 L or R round green stripe Prefer L
13 Along the ditch or thru from riverbed River level prevented the latter. (Ditch was dry when cntrl placed - sorry!)
F Direct or via track Direct was good

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