Sprint Adventure Race Lessons

Foot Course C

17 June 2018

Leg Main Decision Other Factors
1 L of bldgs or thru Going round gives fewer direction changes, its hardly longer
3 L or R Nothing in it. V slight benefit in R to avoid U-turn for next leg
5   Issue is to recognise the overs and unders. Maps are not good at 3-D
6 To use the wet tunnel or not. Tested OK on the morning - hope you enjoyed without trepidation. Further decision thru the light green vs round
7   Tiny decision at the end, thru long grass or round
8 L or R or thru the bush at the end Btwn two bldgs then straight was OK
9 Which way round thicket at 8, then thru green to 9 vs up from track Couple of steps W gives a white route to next corridor. Leave path at tunnel to avoid crossing fence then thru light green was good.
10 Tunnel vs under bridge nr river Under bridge better, even tho you have to go beyond the tree for gate in high fence.
F Path or pump track Haha

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