Sprint Adventure Race Lessons

Foot Course D

17 June 2018

Leg Main Decision Other Factors
1 L, R or the indistinct track close to the line The Ind track is shortest but diff to spot so might waste the advantage; next best is R
2 L or R of the green-stripe block Very close; 2ndary decision to exit 1 along riverbed prevented by water level
3 Corridor or riverbed Riverbed option prevented by water level.
4 Corridor or thru the forest The forest part is the fastest stripe plus white so a possibility; but I think I'd do better on the yellow
7   Tiny over-or-round decision given that don't need to go far off the beeline
8   Another small over-or-round decision
9 L or R of the olive green (Croquet Green) Prob R although you have to climb the stopbank and cross a (small) fence

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