Urban Adventures

Events with something in common with the City Safari. Let know if you discover others...

Rat Race Urban Adventure Series, Britain:
Britain's first urban adventure race series, held in Edinburgh, Bristol and Manchester. In fact the last Manchester event was on the same day as the City Safari. The first section is basically a 3hr rogaine, except that at some controls you have to complete a task to get the points:-))

North Face City Challenge, Stockholm:
Claimed to be Europe's largest urban adventure race, with 24hr and under course lengths, its on 19-20 Aug. Stockholm is ideally situated for this being on an archipelago of islands. But it seems a bit "dumbed down" by NZ standards: "A strong lamp is a must where the street-lighting do not reach. Some of the courses during Saturday are marked with paper-strips from start to finish."

Night and Day Challenge, San Francisco and Seattle:
Urban rogaine of up to 16 hours, with foot, bike and duathlon options. Minimally corrected topo map. No public transport except for one or two specific exceptions.

Street Scramble, San Francisco and Seattle:
Urban rogaines of 3hrs or 90min, run by the Night and Day Challenge people.

Bell City Chase, Canada:
Teams of two solve clues to find 10 checkpoints in a 6 -hour "adventure race". Solve clues with any means necessary: call friends, use the Internet, trade with other teams, ask folks on the street. You get a public transport pass but there's no map; presumably you bring your own. Bell is a telephone company...

Urban Polaris, Australia:
The Polaris Challenges started in Britain in 1991 and inspired the Cyclic Saga 2-day MTB Rogaines in Canterbury. Polaris MTB events are run in Australia by Wild Horizons, and they once did an Urban Polaris in Sydney, with travel allowed (as we recall) on trains and ferries but not buses. But there were too many authorities to deal with and the event is now run in Canberra. No mention of public transport tho.

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