Summer at the Beech

Southern Orienteering Weekend, 4-6 Feb 17, Queenstown/Waikaia

This 3-day consisted of a short race at "12-mile" on the Glenorchy road from Queenstown; and long and middle in the huge beech forest at Waikaia. Almost in the middle of mainroads connecting Dunedin, Invercargill and Central Otago, this is awkward to get to, and the only feasible start area is after 20min of narrow winding road into the forest. As a result it hasn't been used much - a pity as its superb. There's a huge area of untracked passable forest, with a bonus of some gold-mining detail.

The results don't seem to be on the event website. However you can find them on Winsplits, and view routes on Route Gadget.

Here's a summary of the OHV results.

  Short Long Middle
Laura Robertson 2nd W-Elite DNF W-Elite 2nd W-Elite
Amber Riddle 5th W Med Red 10th W Sht Red 3rd W Sht Red
Barbara Bridger 19th W Sht Red 9th W USht Red 9th W USht Red
John Robertson 14th M Lng Red 18th M Lng Red 12th M Lng Red
Andrew Riddle 14th M Lng Red 16th M Med Red 6th M Med Red
Michael Wood 6th M Med Red 9th M Med Red 10th M Med Red
Alex Bridger 12th M Sht Red 12th M Sht Red 12th M Sht Red


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