The people behind the club are you and me! HVOC is small enough to get to know everyone, but that means you can't avoid helping with the workload. Never mind, there are lots of jobs that are really fun! Everyone is able to take a turn at the on-the-day jobs, such as start, finish and registration. We hope some will be interested enough to progress to course planning, event organisation and map-making. Others are needed to keep the club machinery ticking over.

We used to make ambitious plans to run 2 or 3 regional or national events each year, plus small local events for newcomers and those with less time. It was always a struggle to to staff these events, and the poor old committee often ended up filling the gaps. Eventually at the 1997 AGM someone said, "this isn't fun, let's wind up the club!" The resulting SGM didn't take that road, but it did decide that we would only put events onto the calendar after members had put their hands up to organise.

Since then the hands that have gone up have mostly been for small close-to-home events: park events, street events, MTB-orienteering and rogaines. But there have been offers to run bigger events, and since the crisis we have run an OY, the Area Relays, and the NZ Secondary School Champs. Instead of measuring our success by the number of events, our objective is to maximise the enjoyment of belonging to HVOC.

So you get the events that people feel like putting on. Each year the programme coordinator sends round a list of the types of event we could possibly run, and the maps we have to use, and invites hands to go up. The programme is made from there. If someone has to pull out, we don't lose any sleep over it, we just pull the event off the calendar. We are lucky that we have other clubs in the area whose events we can go to.

The following words were written in the "old days" before the crisis and with biggish events in mind, so they need to be taken with a grain of salt these days.


The course planner and controller have worked long and hard before the day to provide the courses, so on the day help is organised bv an Event Coordinator. This person sees to the tents and signs, and supervises members rostered to run the day. There are generally two "shifts" of helpers to enable you to have a run as well. If you are a helper you need to be ready at the first start time, either to help early and run later, or to run early.

If you are interested in planning a course or helping with map-making, there are experienced club members who will gladly help you. Talk to the Programme Coordinator (for planning) or the Mapping Coordinator.

We are always seeking new areas to orienteer on, and have resigned ourselves to the fact that there is little suitable forest in the Wellington area. If you know of a suitable farm or better still if you know the farmer, please check it out on foot and let the Mapping Coordinator know. A top-class area is several hundred hectares, not too steep, and with as few owners as possible. But we have learnt how to have fun on 10-50 hectares, that's less than a square kilometre.


Members are encouraged to keep local noticeboards supplied with information of the next event, eg. in your workplace or library. You can get posters from the Publicity Officer, or make your own from the information in Punch or on the website. There is also a whole-year brief listing on the website.

However the most effective form of recruitment is personal contact with your friends, family and workmates. Remember that potential members don't have to live in the Valley - we have members from all over the region!


The club machinery is oiled by a committee elected at the AGM. Meetings are held every second month, with a less formal one in between, and all members are welcome to attend. Each committee member has an area to look after; but many of the ongoing jobs can be handled without being on the committee. The current positions and names are on the About the Club page on the website.

Here are the committee and other positions we had in the "good old days":


The club sends representatives to the Wellington Orienteering Association (WOA) which coordinates events in the area as far as Palmerston North and Hawkes Bay, including the "Orienteer of the Year" series. HVOC is also a member of the New Zealand Orienteering Federation (NZOF), which similarly coordinates national level events such as the National Championships (Easter) and the 18-monthly Australia-New Zealand Challenge.

NZOF is in turn a member of the International Orienteering Federation (IOF). The IOF does a lot of work to standardise orienteering mapping so you can orienteer all around the world, and it sends "missionaries" to help orienteering get started in new countries. It also coordinates international fixtures such as the World Orienteering Championships held in every odd-numbered year, and the World Cup Orienteering series held in the even years.

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