Winning Routes in 2008 Metlink City Safari

Andy Foster, Greg Thurlow (also the 2006 winners) 1st 6hr course, 930+95-10=1015
Prologue: south to 4,14,5,6, (missed Kupe statue 9 - hard to find and supposedly too long to write down the name...), 19 and thru the Civic Centre 16,18,17,8,7, then the outer wharf 13,12. 1min late Not the most optimal route but nevertheless still worthwhile to get the blood pumping
Main course: 2A in the gardens, then 3 bus all the way to Karori Park, 37, 28, 80 Wrights Hill, 27 Teachers College (miss 36 as extra hill to go up and down), 26, 35, up onto skyline, 52 out and back, 71 (brick chimney), down to 50, back up to 41, 100 Kaukau, 30, (had to miss the sausage stand in the Park), 31, down a million steps to 70 (missed 42 powder magazine as were standing at bus stop 3258 as the teams there had used txt bus to get the next bus thru - unfortunately after closer inspection it was a 56 Newlands bus).... so then ran down to 4401 and got 43 bus as planned to 6098 in Strathmore; 61 south coast, then thru Miramar 48, 2N, 3E, 2L, under the airport to 46 then Flyer back into town - forgot that it would only stop at Courtenay Place so had to run back up Majoribanks St to 44 rope swing and lastly 2C Cuba St. Back with 6min to spare.

The World Champions: Nathan Fa'avae and Dennis de Monchy 2nd 6hr course, 980-50+90-10=1010
Prologue (order unknown): all except 1-2-3-10-11 (to the north), 1A (outside Te Papa), and 12-13 (the outer wharf).
Main course: 2A in the gardens, 2B Kelburn, 36 up Birdwood steps, 80 Wrights Hill, tracks to Karori Park 37, 52 on the skyline, down-up thru 35, 71 the brick chimney, down-up thru 50 to 41 and 100 Kaukau. Down tp 30 and cleaned up Ngaio-Khandallah 20-32-22 (thru the scratchy track) 33-21-31, down teh steps to 70, in-out thru 42 the powder magazine. Bus to Newtoen, in-out to 45 Scottish clubrooms. Back on bus towards Island Bay, off to get 2H 39 Mt Albert 53 South Head, round coast to 3B Island Bay, just missed bus, next one was a bit fine and we finished 4min5sec late.

Rachel Ockelford, Liam Drew 4th 6hr course, 1st Mixed, 930-40+100-10=980
Prologue (order unknown:) all but 1-2-10-11 (to the north); 18-1A (to the south); and #4 (close to the finish but clearly a casualty of running late).
Main course: Run up to the Gardens and grab 2A, down Tinakori Rd, Hill St, 29 by the motorway, over to the scout hut and up to 51, then pretty much straight back down, and out on the road to 42. Back to the Old Hutt Road and up to Sovereign Point and 70. Up the stairs, Amritsar St, through Cashmere Avenue School, 31 on Indus St. Up Ranui Cres, Everest St, Nicholson, over the hill via Jubilee Rd, down Calcutta St, to Nairnville Park and 21 Lucknow Cres onto Simla Cres, an out and back into Kandy Kres to get 20, then round Simla and through Khandallah School, Woodmancote and into Khandallah Park, up Kaukau via 30 and 100, then ridgeline West Down to 32 and Awarua St, Rothsay Rd, Chelmsford into Motueka St, 22 then down the path back onto Chelmsford, under the railway across into Crofton Rd and up the steps to 33. Back down to the roundabout and along Waikowhai and Churchill Drive before climbing Chartwell Drive to 50. Dropped off the side and up the track to 71 at the chimney. Carry on along skyline to 52 then back onto the road - Montgomery Ave into Caldwell, steps to Percy Dyett, into Karori Park and over to 37. Along Karori Rd and up the path to Blakey to get 28 then back and onto a #3 bus at bus stop 4328. Got off the bus on Adelaide Rd and up John St, Westland Rd to 45 at the Scottish clubrooms and back down to Riddiford St, one of the bus stops outside the hospital. Number 11 Bus to Broadway in Seatoun, Ira St, Otaki St to 3E, back along Ira and Strathmore Ave to 2N, then up the steps to Leveson. Sidlaw and out and back to get 48, Bowes Crescent down to Breaker Bay Rd to get 61. Round Moa Point Rd, Stewart Duff Dr, through the airport, through the pedestrian tunnel getting 46, and picked up the airport flyer on Coutts St. Got off at the Eastern end of Courtenay Place, Allen St then round the waterfront back to the Finish. 3min 50 late.
Comments : As you'll see, we did a lot of running, the first 3h50 was on foot and then we spent about 1h10 of the remaining 2h10 on buses, which I think cost us the win. If we'd carried on from Karori round the fenceline, down into Brooklyn, Newtown and back home through Mt Vic I think we could have taken the overall win.

Bert and Son (John and Tim Robertson) 1st 3hr course, 490(+45)-10+95=620
Prologue (order unknown): All except 1-2-10-11 (to the north), 19-1A (to the south), and 12 (the wharf end).
Main course (from conversation): Flyer to airport missing #4 from the bus but getting 2E and 6. Off the bus to get #46 near the airport tunnel, thru that and cleaned up Miramar-Seatoun. Bus back towards town, off at Hataitai to get Roseneath controls except 1G, over Mt Vic past 44 the rope swing, time for 1D the propellor and 2C Cuba St. 10 seconds late.


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