Orienteering Mapping Hidden Symbols

This page was written by of MAPsport Services and updated on 6 Mar 18. It lists symbol numbers used by Michael for internal cartographic purposes in orienteering maps in New Zealand. There is no agreement by anyone else to use these numbers, though their use would minimise symbol table bloat. They are recorded here mainly for the benefit of Michael's clients and anyone working on maps that he has produced.

The numbering keeps clear of the ISOM2000, ISSOM and ISMTBOM specification numbers. Fortunately it is also clear of ISOM2017 numbers too.

Michael notes that a nice way of grouping these symbols (so that you can be sure to hide them all for production prints) is to make them "symbol favourites".

  • 750.000 Construction line. Purple solid line used for miscellaneous purposes such as roadlines visible on a photo
  • 750.001 Line from other map. Or sometimes from a previous version of THIS map. Purple dashed line that enables me to keep a line or shape in case it needs to come back.
  • 750.002 Cut line. Used to cut out a subarea, you may wish to create the same extract at some time in the future.
  • 751.000 Vegetation line. Green solid line used extensively to draw boundaries of vegetation patches (subsequently filled in) as I can manipulate them while a background photo is showing.
  • 751.001 Uncertain vegetation line. Green dashed line. As above, tended to use this for less distinct edges eg scattered tree areas.
  • 752.000 GPS trackline, latest. I leave GPS data in the file, I find it useful to compare latest with all earlier lines to detect anomalies
  • 752.001 GPS trackline, all earlier ones
  • 752.002 GPS trackline, special
  • 753.000 GPS waypoint, latest
  • 753.001 GPS waypoint, all earlier ones
  • 753.002 GPS waypoint, special
  • 754.000 Cartographers notes. Purple text. A ? means I was uncertain of something during drawing.
  • 754.001 Waypoint label
  • 754.002 Waypoint label, special
  • 755.000 Local body or landowner boundary
  • 755.001 Local body pest control line
  • 755.002 Local body river cross section
  • 755.003 Large scale map boundary (eg park map over small area)