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The afterwork adventure run that puts spring into your step

The two neighbouring clubs will each provide a short orienteering course suitable for beginners, and a training or development activity matched to the venue - hand-picked from Wellington's most attractive running spots. This is not a competition, its a way of trying something new, having fun, gaining skills.

The series goes through spring. After the silly season we'll move into competition gear, get out the stop-watch, and see who's best! There are local and national championships, regional and school series, and even world medals to be won!! Yes we do!!!

Read more about T-Max... Enquiries Ph 04 566 2645

Details of time and place are found on the integrated orienteering calendar, which shows details of map-sport events (orienteering, rogaines, on foot and bike) all over the country. By clicking below, you'll home in on the particular event.

Tue 3 Nov 15: T-Max #1 Wellington
Wed 11 Nov 15: T-Max #2 Hutt Valley
Thu 19 Nov 15: T-Max #3 Wellington
Tue 24 Nov 15: T-Max #4 Hutt Valley
Wed 2 Dec 15: T-Max #5 Wellington
Thu 10 Dec 15: T-Max #6 Hutt Valley

Trying... Training... Tea-time... Twist...

ORIENTEERING ON FOOT: "involves finding your way through unfamiliar terrain using a map." Competitions are usually individual, but groups are welcome too. Checkpoints may have to be visited in a certain order, or a time limit is set. Courses can take anything from 10 minutes up, with an hour quite common.
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MTB-ORIENTEERING: "riding your way through a network of singletrack, 4WD tracks, roads and paths using a map. Sometimes you can shortcut between tracks but it's mostly about choosing the best track route and then following it without delays. Most events are designed to take 1-2 hours, but there are shorter and longer variations.
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