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Faster Service for 2008 Dec 07

Many of you will know the MAPsport fleet - car and trailer - they have both done sterling service over many years. This is due in no small part to regular servicing at a Hutt Valley dealership - one which scored highly in a recent Consumer survey.

I regard them as friends, and maybe they do too - after all they've done nearly 40 standard services on the car and other work as required. I also get the trailer WOFs done there. So its in a spirit of goodwill that I pass on this little gem. I will get them to check it out on the dyno but I'm going to decline the valet service. After all I constantly keep it spic and span...

Dear Mr Wood

Our records indicate that your Other Trailer, registration 31JTB, is now due for its periodic maintenance check.

Your Trailer, as you will know, is a technically sophisticated motor vehicle, designed with safety, reliability, the environment, and sheer driving pleasure in mind. For optimum performance, your Trailer needs to be maintained on a regular basis. We are concerned that the integrity of the vehicle may be compromised if the routine services are not carried out. For example, even the most advanced engine oils have a limited lifespan, regardless of the distance travelled. Failure to change it will result in sludging and premature wear. There are also other components that need to be checked that they are still within safety tolerances.

At XXX Cars Hutt Valley, our trained technicians know your Trailer well and of course we have the latest diagnostic equipment, tools and literature which enable us to inspect and maintain your Trailer in top condition.

We also have an agency from "Land Transport New Zealand", formerly LTSA. We can check and reissue a Warrant of Fitness and can re-licence your Trailer should this be required.

If this makes it easy for you, please feel free to make use of our free drop off service, or alternatively make use of our Customer Lounge and enjoy our hospitality whilst you wait for your car to be serviced. In addition, we will give your Trailer a free XXXCare wash and vacuum.

It is our responsibility to make this regular maintenance as convenient as possible. Please feel free to contact our friendly Service Department of XXXCare Team, on 0800 XXX to secure your appointment now.

Best regards, XXX, Customer Care Manager

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