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OY Rules - 2016

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This year (2016) we may have some events!? RKs deemed their 24 April ANZAC events OYs, but as their courses do not relate to the required OY courses they can not be processed for OY points!- nothing to see in: Venues offered for OY events as none have been notified to me!.

1. ELIGIBILITY: For a person’s result in an event to count towards the OY series they must be, on the day of the event, a member of a club affiliated to the Wellington Orienteering Association.

2. The series shall consist of up to six events. Each person shall have their four best results counted for their final result.

3. As well as the 'standard' OY courses, organising clubs may offer 'long', 'short' or 'score' course events provided a 'consistency' of courses is offered [see below].

4. The points shall be calculated for men and women, for each course, according to the formula:

Points = 25 x (winner’s time)
(competitor’s time)

The winner’s time is the fastest man or woman on that course by an eligible competitor.
Points shall be calculated to 1 decimal place. DNF gets no points.

5. Planners & Controllers of OY events will be awarded competition points for that event, equivalent to their best other score, to compensate for their not being able to compete in that event.

The courses for a 'standard OY Event' shall be:

WOA OY - Courses

Course % of Red Long
Course 1 - Red long 100%
Course 2 - Red medium 70%
Course 3 - Red short 40%
Course 4 - Orange Medium 70%
Course 5 - Orange Short 40%
Course 6 - Yellow 2.5 to 3.5km
Course 7 - White 1.5 to 2.5km

% ages shown are percentages of length of the red-long course.

The Long Red Course is to aim for a 65 minute winning time by the top WOA orienteers.

Consistency of Courses:

Any ‘long’ or ‘short’ course events offered by the organisers must have a ‘consistency of courses’. This does not mean that every event must have all seven courses as above but that each of the above courses needs to be defined in the courses offered, provided they are publicised as such beforehand and at the event.

eg - a short course event (sometimes called a ‘sprint event’) often has courses only up to orange standard. Their ‘designated courses’ may look something like this:-

Possible courses for a ‘short course OY Event’:
Course OY Course Names
Course 1 Red Long, Red Medium, Orange Medium
Course 2 Red Short, Orange Short
Course 3 Yellow
Course 4 White

Competitors must indicate clearly which ‘OY Course’ they are entering.

Complaints Procedure

1. A complaint may be made regarding infringements of the NZ Orienteering Federation’s Competition Rules, so far as they apply to these events.
2. A complaint may be made by a competitor only, in respect of his or her course, or by the parent or guardian of a junior competitor.
3. A complaint shall be made in writing, to the controller of the event, within 30 minutes of the affected competitor finishing.
4. If a complaint regarding an element of a course is upheld, only the class containing the complainants(s) shall be invalidated.
5. The Event Controller shall refer the complaint to a four person jury comprising:
  o The event controller, who shall not be entitled to vote.
  o Three experienced orienteers, selected by the controller, present at the event but not involved with the class concerned and having no personal association with competitors in that class.
6. The jury shall make and announce their decision as soon as possible, given the circumstances. Their decision will be final and no further complaint or protest procedure is allowed.
7. No fee is payable for a complaint.

Complaints After the Event

Where a competitor does not have a reasonable opportunity to lodge the complaint on the day of the event, a complaint may be made within a reasonable time after the event. This procedure applies to issues that are not apparent until the results have been published. The procedure set out above, modified as necessary, also applies to complaints after the event.

Other than the Complaints Procedure above which replaces the NZOF Protest Procedures, events shall be run in accordance with NZOF Rules.

Embargoed Areas

Areas designated for OY competitions are embargoed for individual and group training for a period of one month before the day of the event in question.

Last revised - 13 March 2016

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