SUMMARY for Planners and Controllers


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Courses are to be set in accordance with the WOA OY Series OY Rules.

Results should be sent to me immediately after the event in MSWord or Excel format to me; preferably by email - they should be in my hands by the next day. You may simply email me a link to the results on your own web site.

Results must be accurate (please check times and other details) and make sure you include ALL details - including length of each course and the climb. These are required in order to give guidance to future course setters in similar terrain and to revise the guidelines from time to time. See a guide to course lengths.

In order to process the results, competitor details must include the FULL NAMES, state M or W, and CLUB as recorded in the entry details. Event organisers are to check competitor's details, before they start their course.

Please ensure that a copy of the WOA OY Series Rules the Courses, and Complaint Procedures are displayed at the event.

From the OY Rules, highlight the Course Table and copy and paste this into MSWord. Insert your own course lenghts in place of the guidelines and there you have it for display at the event.

Do the same for the complaints procedure.

Setters must make their own judgement of the appropriate length for Course 1 (red long) according to the map terrain etc - See a guide to course lengths.

The target winner's time for M21A on course 1 is 65 minutes. The other courses are then to be set to the percentages of length of Course 1, see the OY Rules

Final courses should be within +/- 3% of the guidelines. Most criticism about course lengths in the past, has been when planners have chosen to depart from the guidelines.

Planners and Controllers should check the NZOF Guidelines for technical difficulty of courses.

See also the Complaints Procedure

If you have any questions please e-mail me.

Ian Basire

WOA OY Coordinator

Last Updated 13 March 2016

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